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Hi, Could you please advise on the legality of having neon lighting under a vehicle. I have researched The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 (

It has been advised in the document that a vehicle must only display white light at the front (except for indicators), red light to the rear (except reverse lights), and amber to the sides.

I also found no restrictions on the height of additional lighting.

I currently have installed red neon under the rear bumper and white neon under the front bumper. The sides have amber neons which flash with the indicators.

I have kept the colours legal. Are there any issues i should be aware of?

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Hi Vijay,

In short:

Lamps to show a steady light

13.—(1) Save as provided in paragraph (2), **no vehicle shall be fitted with a lamp which automatically emits a flashing light**.

(2) Paragraph (1) does not apply in respect of–

(a)a direction indicator;
(b)a headlamp fitted to an emergency vehicle;
(c)a warning beacon or special warning lamp;
(d)a lamp or illuminated sign fitted to a vehicle used for police purposes;
(e)a green warning lamp used as an anti-lock brake indicator; or
(f)lamps forming part of a traffic sign.


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