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I'm a sole trader. I set up an account but as I was receiving sub contracted work through another business, the account i set up i used the company name 'x' and bank details. The dashbaord/account was set up on another clients database that any sole trader can use.

Now, the company i did sub contracted work for as changed the password and now has changed the bank details back to his details on this other clients account. Everything was set up in my name I just used the company name 'x' and his bank details as I only had a savings account and couldn't use it. Who's in the right here to access this account. All jobs are in my name?? No contract was signed by me or the other company.

Sorry, Paul - no e-mail received re original submission of question, which has only just been found.

I think you would have to seek the advice of a solicitor as i suspect this is a civil, not a criminal matter (because you used a third party's details (company name) when you set up the account and it is that third party who has accessed and amended the account).

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