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Byiringiro Innocent wrote at 2008-04-25 06:46:19
I am very happy to understand that you want to be in the same organisation where i was.

I have been at Pedrru Six mounths since august last year up in february this year.

Really they are the good guy they have an accomodation for volunteer a safe house than many other of Kampala out of noise and full oof every thing needed in daily life.

The temperature during that mounth is between 25-30 celicius degree.

But don't care about that because there is a fresh air from victoria lake.

They have a vehicle which will take you every where you will need to be at any time even from Entebbe airport.

They are the person full of mercy they support many african who got the problemes(School fees for olphans, refugee kids,...)

One problem that you will get if you reach there you will never wish to go back in your country because it is in a small paradise.

Grandpa Viv wrote at 2008-11-15 04:19:24
I spent a month in Kampala and Bunyoro in October 2008, using public transportation throughout. The New and Old Taxi Parks in Kampala, linked by Luwum Street, are quite intimidating, but most everyone is helpful, and a brochure showing your destination address is helpful. A map of Kampala will give you the name of the Kampala district you are trying to reach. Let the conductor know where you want to get off. The bodaboda motorcycles are scary but sometimes necessary. Negotiate a price before getting on, and choose an older driver who knows enough to wear a crash helmet. Matatus do go to the district capitals, but there are also big buses such as Kalita and Hoima Bus.

I especially endorse Frank's advice on safeguarding your valuables against muggers and pickpockets. Your billfold should have small denomination bills only. A credit card can fit in a sock, and bigger bills can be spread around buttoned pockets or left at home. Ladies should be careful of what is in their bag.

Night time is more dangerous than day. Some recent attacks supposedly involved reinforcing rod across the back of the neck as a weapon. Ask the doorman to get a "special" taxi to get you home from that night club. I was relieved of my valuables during daylight hours by four well-organized young teens who suddenly sprang from the long grass in the Entebbe Botanical Garden.

pastor johnfaith mugisha wrote at 2013-08-23 10:26:15
uganda is a good place to stay in our weather is good security volunteers dont worry

just get the real voluntary organisations like us

thank u


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