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I'm having problems with printing, as my computer does not recognize the installed HP Officejet 6110xi all-in-one that I've been using for years.  It is able to scan and communicate that image to the computer (Windows 7), but won't print anything from the computer.  My research has indicated that there is issues with a "print spooler".  Anytime I select print, it says there are no printers installed, but then also doesn't allow me to install one.
I've downloaded a program called Printer Spooler Fix Wizard and ran a scan that indicated two registry entries maybe causing the problem.  Then it goes onto try to convince me to pay $40 to fix it.
Oddly, my father's computer starting having the exact same issue around the same time in November.  He's 10 miles away, so we are not linked in anyway.  Also oddly, my printing worked again for a few days in December, but is back to not working.
If you have any suggestions that will save me $40 to an online company that is difficult to trust, I would be grateful.  Thank you in advance.

Dear Michael,

sorry for delay in answering your question.

I have a question. Did you recently install updates or another software? it is possible that one of the new software or updates in your computer cause such problem.

I can just offer some solutions that might help your case
- Was the printer plug and play before? I mean, when you connected that to your computer for the first time, you didn't need to install its driver. the windows itself could detect it. If so I recommend you to try to repair your OS. You can return it to the last good mode if you have any back up or try to use the installation CD.

- uninstall your printer software and driver then use Ccleaner and clean your windows registery (be careful to take a back up before you start doing that. the software itself ask you to do so. I recommend  you to accept and save the registry before you do any changes)
http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner you can download the software here.  then try to connect your printer and if the windows could not detect it, just let it search for the driver from the printer's CD.

I hope any of the above solution can help you.

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