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Am having issues with slow Internet connection.  The previous expert said something about poor software configuration and possible virus.  My virus program says everything is ok.  As far as
poor software configuration, the computer has been working fine up until a few weeks ago, and I haven't changed anything as far as software.
Here is a link to my email to the last computer expert on this website.
Thanks for any additional help....



the first thing might come to the mind is virus, but if you say your system is ok then follow my other suggestions. I categorized your problem in 4 different classes
1- shared internet connection with alot of users
2- Your modem has technical problem
3- software problems; download/upload software or your browser has problem or your OS
4- You recently installed a software that uses alot of memory and CPU and not enough for other applications or other processes

If your internet connection is shared with other customers and you do not have any dedicated bandwidth, then it might be the fault of your ISP. you suppose they have 10 MB bandwidth and they shared it with 100 users then every user should have min 102 KB/s bandwidth but if they do not use bandwidth controller or they shared this bandwidth with more than 100 users, then it will affect on your internet speed too. What you can do is to install a software to gives you graphical view of your bandwidth, it might slow down your computer during the time this software is active, but you can be sure that whether or not you have the bandwidth that your ISP claims.
Do not use the online software, those software just can test your current bandwidth and not for a period of time that you need to test.
You can find the free version of these software by googling, some of them can be found here:
The other problem might be for your modem. I am not sure how you are connected to your ISP, is it via a router modem or you use dialup modem. Maybe the modem has problem, if possible for you and you tested your bandwidth and you saw the problem sounds to be from your ISP, then try to replace modem and check your bandwidth again. if the problem is not solved then you can blaim your ISP.
Now there are some questions:
- Do you have also problem during browsing a website or it is just during download and upload? if so, what kind of browser do you use, did you try other browsers like google crome or Mozilla?
- Do you use any software for download and upload? if so what software do you use?
- What is the status of your CPU and RAM during uploading and downloading? What is your memory size and CPU speed?
-what is your Operating system?
- Did you recently install any new software on your computer that your problem started after that installation?  

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