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I bought my first laptop computer a few months ago after many years of just using desktop PCs.
I use the laptop primarily in a room that doesn't have air conditioning (which isn't likely to change anytime soon) and I'm worried about the affect that heat will have on the system.  I've noticed that there are what seem to be vents on the bottom of the laptop, as well as on the left side.  Should I elevate the laptop somehow to improve airflow out of it, or does that matter?

Hello Mark:
Thanks for asking this question.

Normally the vent is on the left side and it is not on the bottom.  One thing you can check it out is that whether or not the vent on the side runs too frequently.  You can tell by the sound of vent when it kicks in.  If the vent runs too frequently, then you may want to do some extra that can help the laptop cool off, such as putting laptop on the cool hardwood (desk) or marble top (e.g. kitchen top)while you are working.  

Please don't put the laptop on the soft blanket or fabric while you are working.  It will definitely keep laptop to be warmer easily.  I don't think that being without aircondition would be really a problem, though.

I hope this helps.  Thanks.  

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