Dear Jon
I was at a UU church event and one of the members told me that the reason he join that UU was because he found that Christianity was gear toward White or European people more. Is this true? Wasn't Jesus jewish so how can Christianity become a White or European religion?
Thank you

Dear Calvin -

My sincere apologies for the belated response to your query.  Itís been almost a year since you submitted the question via Allexperts and you most certainly should have received an answer before this.  My only excuse is that I was away on holiday and must have failed to notify Allexperts of my absence.  The question was inadvertently deleted from my email.

Christianity is not exclusive to Whites or peoples of European descent.  While researching your question, I came across a Wikipedia article which answers your question in much detail Ė click on this link to get the results:


I, of course, canít explain why a UU would believe that because there are many, many countries where Christianity is prevalent and the population is not European/White.  For more information on the UU church/organization, please feel free to check out our web site http://uua.org/   Also, a good book to check on is ďA Chosen FaithĒ Ė ISBN 0-8070-1617-9.

Calvin, remember that Iím one of over 250,000 people and, if you ask another UU (Unitarian Universalist), you may get a different (but, hopefully, not conflicting) answer.  

Thank you for allowing me to clarify and answer your question!

Jon Bond


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