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Respected Sir,

I installed fedora 17 on an external hard disk but the fedora hangs in grub loading .It simply shows message "grub is loading , welcome to grub !" and hangs . Please help me regarding this issue . I have win 7 on my laptop and tried to install fedora on external drive.


Hi Ravi,

It depends on how/where you installed the bootloader.

If you booted up an install CD/DVD and installed everything on the external drive and installed grub on boot sector on the same drive, then it might be pointing to a different drive if you've changed your BIOS settings to boot from the external drive... (and it wasn't set that way during installation...) (i.e. now it is drive 0 vs. drive 2 or 3...)
So, it may be trying to find the boot filesystem on a drive that isn't there.

If you have a grub prompt, you can boot manually using grub commands if you know the hardware config...
If you don't have a grub prompt, you should have about 5 seconds to access it during the boot phase by hitting just about any key.

Here's a good wiki entry on grub:

I hope there's something in the info that helps!

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