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Unix/Linux OS/how stack memory is allocated for a process


Budget Dedicated Hosting wrote at 2013-03-22 17:37:19

1. I think is not the problem with blocks,segments,section.cause when its allocated for process is different way then the heap: commonly processing from the take support multiprocessor.and its like cloud i think its true..

2.yah its right!is there have chance of exhausting of stack memory during run time.

3.Allocation expansion also allocated memory which is done by OS.EXE file or DLL file or ELE can contain hints and all type requirement for the memory size but at the last point you have to need select the allocation from the memory manager OS.

4.Virtual memory also depending/ezplain how modern OSes you want to using with this,so i think it allows process to have unified chunk memory cache which may b swapped out of your disk memory.

You can get many type help about the linux from this link,i think its helpful...

Link is:

thank you

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