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Unix/Linux OS/Web Applications for Viewing SMS.


QUESTION: Dear Mkitwrk‎

Is it possible to design and develop Web applications where mobile users can view their inbox and outbox SMS Messages  ?.

As a example : A Website where mobile user first register their name, address, mobile number, mobile service provider etc. The Mobile phone user will able to to view his/her SMS - Inbox and Outbox messages on this website after successfully login.

As a example Mobile User forgets his Cellphone at some place and in case he wants to check his SMS Box on other PC, this could have been possible after getting connected to internet and view the SMS Messages.

Technically is it possible to design and develop web applications and also it is possible to integrate the same features in One's Gmail, Hotmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo email server applications ?.

Example : In One's Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc account, one can view SMS - Inbox and Outbox messages. That is the Email server applications provide these facility.

Is this System development feasible to design and develop ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Hi Prashant,

Not all carriers handle SMS/MMS/TXT messages in the same manner.
(think iMsg with iPhones... - they entirely skip the cell phone service provider...)
I don't think any of them would allow for re-direction or duplication to a third party web service either...

I do know that the messages sent on iPhone end up in a local sqllite database on the user's iPhone. I see no reason why an app couldn't be written to be installed on an iPhone that would sync the sqllite database with a web service.

The trick would be to figure out how to do that for all the platforms and carriers - and then to induce users to install your new message sync app...

Then, once you had data out there, you could create add-ons for various email clients like gmail, thunderbird, etc.

It's a really good idea!
It requires quite a bit of research (all messaging hardware/platforms, all carriers/providers of those services and the major email clients you want to support) to determine the scope of the project.
Then laying out how the service will work, how it will make money, the number of sub-projects for the specific platform combinations...
Could be a real money maker if launched with all the bells and whistles in place and ready to go...

Good Luck!
Larry Irwin

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QUESTION: Dear Larry

Thank you. You have interpreted my requirement very correctly.

My Requirement is I should be able to View/Read SMS Messages which were send by me i.e. Outbox and View/Read SMS Messages which were received by me from other people i.e. Inbox through a Web Application.

As a example :

Prashant Akerkar sends SMS to Larry's Mobile Phone. Larry got the SMS on his Mobile Phone. i.e Larry's Inbox and for Prashant Akerkar's Mobile Phone this will be Outbox. Now Larry sends SMS to Prashant Akerkar's Mobile Phone. Prashant Akerkar recieves SMS which will be in his Inbox and for Larry this SMS will be in his Outbox.

Now Prashant Akerkar and Larry wants to view their Inbox and Outbox
SMS MESSAGES through a Web application where they will login to the Web Site.


Can GMAIL, YAHOO, HOTMAIL Email Server side applications give this facility to view SMS messages along with email messages who have created email accounts with them ?.

Is this possible ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hi Prashant,

I thought I answered this in the previous question, but perhaps not...

The sending and receiving of SMS/MMS/Text messages is not under the control of the end user.
It is under the control of the Carrier + platform + operating system + application combination.

You should mount an iPhone and copy the sqllite database to a workstation and install sqllite on that workstation and look at the database you pulled off the phone. - It has exactly what you have described stored within it.

If you can develop a comprehensive series of applications that intercept and/or synchronize the local phone/pad/notebook for all combinations of Carrier + platform + operating system + application combinations in a resilient, timely manner -- and get it out there in a big way -- you'll have a truly marketable item...

One place to start is digging into the sqllite SMS db on an iPhone.
Check this page to get started:

Larry Irwin

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