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QUESTION: i had a dual boot system with Ubuntu and Windows 7. i had some issues on Ubuntu, so i wanted to reinstall it. But i could not do so. So i deleted the partition containing ubuntu through windows 7. Then i reboot the system and get the error message in booting--- "Grub error: no such partition ". i dont know what to do. then i tried to install windows xp on the ubuntu partition, it was successfull. But however i could not get windows 7 on booting . it loads directly into xp. how can i get windows 7 back?

ANSWER: Hi Anand.

So, let me get this strait, you deleted a living Ubuntu partition, did not re-install and tried to boot? And Grub said "no such partition". Sounds normal to me. :-)

Now, once you install Windows XP onto the now free partition, it will, normally, be aware of only itself. However, even Windows XP is capable of dual boot (or multi-boot, to be correct). Take a look at: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306559

If that is what you want. Otherwise, re-install the Ubuntu. You didn't detail why that didn't succeed.


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QUESTION: Hai nix,
Yes, i deleted a living ubuntu partition in E drive. I already hav a Windows 7 partition in C drive from which i deleted Ubuntu. After deleting only i get the message grub rescue:no such partition. I tried to re-install ubuntu from a live cd, but i was unable to install it. The ubuntu cd show thw main menu from where i selected "install ubuntu" but no response for several minutes. it seems i could not install ubuntu again. I tried a windows xp cd, it loaded and i installed win xp on E drive where ubuntu was previously installed. After succesfull installation i get only XP in E drive in Boot menu, but not win 7 in C deive. i get into XP and checked whether win 7 resided in C drive. Hopefully, win 7 was there but i could not get it in os boot menu. I'm gone mad and i tried installing win 7 in E drive where Xp resides. Its also Successfull. for the Luck, i get two Windows 7 at boot menu-- old one in C drive and new one in E drive. I'm so happy tat  i got my old win 7 where i had installed lots of s/w. But for my badluck, i could not install Ubuntu on my system no more. Help me in this regard..


Well, I don't think I can help with the original problem, since I do not have any clue to go on. No error message while trying to install the Ubuntu.

It is good that you managed to get the other Win7 operational and it picked up your old Win7. Could be that deleting Ubuntu partition from Win7 somehow messed up the partition table. I would expect Ubuntu to be able to cope with it, though. You can try to get into the command line mode, when booting Ubuntu and use the disk partitioner.


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