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hi how r u?Ive got a few questions.Im studying for a job that uses centos.In the study material it talk about using some commands like nano,pwd,more,less, and various other commands.Ive installed centos and i get a gui.Im wondering how do i get a command line to be able to practivce these commands.Also is there anyway to get a list of all the commands that you can use.Is there a website or something that tell all the linux commands.I thoughtI also noticed on your profile that you list embedded linux.im guessing that has to do with devices to where linux is built into it.Im guessing that would be something like a smart phone or something like that.Id like to learn more about this embedded linux also.Where would i go to learn more about that.

Look for something called a "terminal".  Once you find it, enter "su -".  This will  let you proceed as root.

To list them, do this:
# find / -executable

redirect the output from stdout (the screen) to a file using ">"

# find / -executable > /root/list_of_executables

Then run this:
# file $( find /etc/init.d -type f ) | grep shell

The above lists startup commands scripts, all of which are executable but are written in either bash or dash.  This means you can read them.  You might want to run this first:
# ls -slgG /etc/init.d

This will list the same directory in size order.  Find a short (small) file, match it to a name from the above output, and look at that one.

Go here, then find (in the left column) and click "Raspberry Pi".  Welcome to the 21st century version of hobbies.  This is the 21st century's version of "Things of Science".  It's awesome.

To learn more about the raspberry pi, go here:

To learn more about embedded in general, go here:

Oh yeah: Order a request a catalog from Digikey.
Radio Shack carries Arduino. and may start carrying Rpi.

Other embedded names, like "Arduino" will appear in the Digikey catalog and on the MakerFaire site.  Also, Lady Ada has another site where she does tutorials.  As I recall, the adafruit website has links to it.

- John  

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