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Unix/Linux OS/Canon MG5550 on Linux Mint 17


Subject MFP is currently connected to my Windows XP computer and I have built a computer now successfully running Linux Mint 17 (cinnamon) and I need a printer installed. I checked the Canon website for Linux drivers and indeed they are available. However as a complete NEWBIE (Idiot status) to Linux I need to know what to do. There are 6 drivers on the canon(uk) website 2 of which are Linux source files, another 2 of which are Linux (Debian Packagearchive) and the last 2 are Linux (RPM Packagearchive). What would I need to download and after download how and to where would I install them?.
Many thanks in anticipation of your reply

Mint comes in its "Native" Ubuntu version as well as Debian.  RPM packages are for Red Hat, CentOS, and Fedora and are built for either RPM or YUM package managers.  There's also a Debian package that allows installing RPMS.  Ubuntu packages aren't always suitable when installed on a Debian machine but they use the same package managers.

Your in a perfect situation for learning a fundamental Unix/Linux skill which is compiling a package.  Or you can use Apt to install the Debian package.  Run 'man apt-get'.  Focus on bold type in order to determine which commands options are most relevant then read related detail.  (If you don't mind drinking from a firehose try to digest the whole thing).

The package manager handles the entire process.  If apt-get doesn't work download the package to your home dir then run:

# sudo dpkg -i install <name of pkg>

Ask again if you have other questions, as you go through the process of you choose.  

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