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Hello, Mr. Mazzolini. Glad to meet you. Purchased a Linux Mint 16 Petra Cinnamon CD/DVD. Installation was a success! But I can't install any software or program through my external drive, especially if the disk/CDROM/DVD has Windows XP limitations. Can't use the Linux Mint 16 terminal because I don't know my root password, and have no idea how to get a password. I own a Gateway LT2022u 32 bit netbook laptop. The OS used to be Windows XP pack 3. Are there other ways to install new softwares or programs through my external drive. Thank you.

Hi Adonis,

I'm a little confused by the question but I'll do my best.

Let me take this one at a time:

1) Can't install any software through external drive.
First, and I apologize if you know some of this stuff. You cannot install any Windows programs on a Linux OS. Secondly, on Linux system you need to be sure that all of your drives our mounted. This means that they are setup to be file systems. This is very different then Windows where drivers are referenced through logical drive letters. You can check to see what devices/drives are mounted by executing the following command from a terminal: df

2) Don't know root password.
Most Linux systems during installation will ask you to create an admin or user account. This account will have access to the "sudo" command which means it is allowed to run command as "root". And many Linux installs will now allow you to set a root account/passwd. However, if your user account can "sudo" then do the following to set the root password:

sudo passwd root

This command will allow you to change the root password. Once the password is changed you can login or just 'su' to the root account.  

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