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Not sure of what exactly you wanted, but I think (if I did it right) that I have accurately followed your copy and paste instructions. The usb external drive device is a Hewlett-Packard DVD/ROM. The disk is a Canon Pixma MG3522 all in one printer that will not install. Thank you again, sir.

Hi Adonis,

OK -- It isn't a USB disk drive, it's a USB optical drive.
DVD drives show up in linux as:

So, assuming it is the only CD/DVD device on the system, it would show up as /dev/sr0

with the DVD plugged in and the Canon CD inserted, you can list what is on the disk using File Browser or, from the command prompt, you can list the root level content using:

mount -r /dev/sr0 /mnt
ls -l /mnt

And see everything on it using:

find /mnt -print

However, I don't think it's going to help you.
The Canon Pixma does not have any linux drivers for CUPS nor any utilities for linux...
You can now see what is on the CD/DVD, but it only has Windows and OS/X software on it.

I can't cure that particular problem -- Only Canon could do that...

I'm sure you could use an HP LaserJet driver in CUPS and use either lpr/lpd or ipp to print to the printer, but you'll not be able to use any of the other functions - just printing...


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