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Hello, Mr.Mkitwrk. When I had the former Windows XP Service Pack 3, I had no trouble wiring a check to my local bank to be deposited. When I had Windows, I would use my Canon CanoScan LiDE 30 flatbed scanner to wire (usb interface) to my bank. Presently, when I had attempted to electronically deposit my check, the bank website would tell me that their system did not detect a twain system, thus the bank system would discontinue any further wiring effort. Is there another way to electronically deposit my check to my bank? Tried and installed all Linux software, especially the SANE an XSANE scanning softwares, and they work well with my CanoScan LiDE 30 flatbed scanner. I can scan and print efficiently, but no TWAIN. Your assistance would be appreciated. My Internet device is a Gateway LT2022u. And my OS is the Linux Mint 16 Petra Cinnamon. Thank you.

Hi Adonis,

If the bank is using remote calls issued on your workstation via Active-X modules vs. having you scan an image locally and then upload it, then your bank is only supporting Windows with Internet Explorer. Even other browsers under Windows will not execute Active-X remote procedures... The other browsers require that things like that be written as extensions, plug-ins or java routines. -- And if they are using one of those methods, but are still trying to connect to a TWAIN driver, then you've got a bank that is half-way there, but not completely...

Ideally, the bank should care less about the underlying operating system on the client. But there are some who write code in a short-sighted manner - oblivious to the millions of *nix devices out there... like Android phones... and iPhones... There is no TWAIN in those environments. - And the banks that do it properly simply pick up a photo vs. a scan... And they don't care what application created the photo - just that it is routed properly to the upload function...

Since you have your scanner working using the SANE/XSANE drivers, you've done your part.

I wouldn't want a bank to be able to run remote procedure calls on my workstation... That's like letting the Treasury Dept. have access to your system... Major security hole...

It's a shame that so many entities are so blind to the growth of millions of *nix devices in the world...

Good Luck,

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