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I own a Samsung Impression tablet and it does not work now. I bought it from a friend and I don't know much about these. It turns on and stalls at the start up screen, says IMPRESSION.
It won't get to the touch pad part or the GUI where you see Icons.

I was told that these are Linux operating system. Do you know if I can reformat this on my own and if that is the problem? I think it has a virus I am guessing that is why it won't work. My friend told me that these are not like computers because you will never have to worry about them not working or getting viruses. Well..

I don't want to pay a computer tech guy to do this if it is something I can do myself. I tried hooking it up to a computer and it says Installing device driver, but that did not do anything as far as making the tablet work or go past the stalled screen.

I hope you know or give me a direction. I don't see any Samsung Tech support on the internet, it's like they are hiding.


Hi Mark.

Most of the tablets run some sort of tailored Linux OS, usually tailored for embedded devices.

If it is broken - well, get it to some shop that can fix it.

They probably can hook it up in some sort of a "service repair" mode and load a new OS image. You could perhaps do the same, but you would really need to know what you are doing.

Unfortunately, this is as much as I know on the subject.


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