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I own a Samsung tablet. It does not work now. It is called Impression one of the older models. I bought it from a friend and so I know little about these. I was given to believe that the operating system on this was indestructible and so "don't worry" it will always work.

I turned it on and it just has the initial start up screen. And I can't get to the GUI or the touchpad part of it.

I was told this is a Linux based operating system. It could have a virus I am guessing and perhaps it can be reformated and then work, I have no clue really.

Do you know? I tried hooking it up to a computer and it says Installing device driver software. But it still doesn't work. It is stalled on that start up screen of IMPRESSION. Is it time to chunk this thing? Would a computer technician know what to do but charge me a lot for that?

Can I connect it to a computer and reformat it or download something to get it going up again?


Hi Mark,

The Android OS (google-flavored Linux) is by no means indestructible.  No software is indestructible.  In fact, alot of work is spent by the programming community to make sure it doesn't break.  Also, the more popular a system becomes, the bigger target it is for malevolence.  However, I would be more suspicious that your Android tablet won't boot because of a software conflict or hardware failure.  Typically if you have malware that's successfully attached to your system it likes to allow to continue to do what you like to do and do it's naughty work incognito.  Boot problems are typically software conflicts or hardware failure.  You may have a battery that's failed as well.  Tablets are typically built to boot to that initial hello screen regardless of main battery supply level and then crap out when they realize there's no real power.

My suggestion would be to root the device.  You can follow instructions on rooting the Impression here:  The instructions are straight-forward.  If you successfully root the device but can't get past the "DEPRESSION" screen, then it's time to junk the bunk.

Good luck!

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