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I am sure you have been asked this many times. But I was wondering if Linux is better than Microsoft as an operating system. I don't know much about Linux. But I know that more and more I don't like Microsoft but Microsoft is all that I see.

I got an Ipad and the thing does not start up anymore. I don't know what the operating system is for that but I would not be surprised if it is Microsoft. If Linux is better is that a much higher difficulty curve for a newbie? I had a roommate in college who had Linux. He was a computer science major and I guess Linux was a walk in the park for him. Microsoft is so bad in my opinion there has to be something better out there it is making me clinch my teeth the more I think about it when it crashes and does sucky slow things and just sucks.


Hello Mark,

Sorry for the delay in replying.

My preference is always Linux. Though it is little difficult at the start to learn and install this, later you will find many benefits.

Pros - Open source, Free, so no licensing issues. Less patches/upgrades. Very rare crashes. More secure than windows.
Cons - Difficulty in learning/installing. Less GUI. Less vendor support.

Hope this helps.



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