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Hi Dennis Mello,

I need to install and run a linux app in Windows 7. The list of options available like virtual machines, andLinux, crossover14 seem overwhelming & it would be great if you could help me with a choice.

The file is a tar.gz file which when opened in WinRar shows many files like INSTALL, install-sh,, etc.

Please let me know if it will be possible to run this file without installing Linux.

Thank you!

Hi, Vargab.
It may be trick.
Usually, this is not possible.
The right way would be to install Linux and then install this app there.
Not sure why you want to run from Windows, but if that is the case, I suggest you to install Cygwin (
After you install it, you can run and use a Linux emulator on Windows. It is great and free.
Try to read the installation instructions of this app in order to understand the main binaries or dependencies because you have some additional options during the installation to choose specific libraries.
For example (Python):
|You can choose all the development packages or those related to Python:

You will notice these options over the installation. Basically run and next and next.
After that, open the Cygwin through its icon and you can start run commands such as ls or df inside your Windows 7 box (and many other commands).

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