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QUESTION: I have LinuxMint 17.1.  I want to download music off the Internet and then put it on a flash drive.  

What is the best way to do that?

Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: The answer to this question is the same for any O/S - not just Linux.

Create a folder to hold your music files.
For every Artist, create a sub-folder naming it for the artist.
For every CD/Album create a sub-folder under the artist's folder naming the CD/Album.
For every song you download, place it in the proper CD/Record folder and, when naming the file, precede the name with a 2 digit, 0-filled seq# representing the sequential order of the song on the media followed by the song's name (leaving out special characters, especially a period - there should only be one and only one period in the file's name). Be uniform about how you structure the names of the songs.

MP3's are the most recognized format, so try to stick with that format and pick a bit rate you like and try and stick to it as well.
I try to keep it over 192 kbps.

Then you can simply get into the file manager app and select all the Atrist folders and copy/paste them onto the flash drive.

On Linux, I use Rhythmbox as my music ripper/player and "lame" as my WAV->MP3 converter, when needed. If you use Rhythmbox to rip a CD into your music folder, you can see how the naming of everything should work (except for the special characters - it leaves them in the names)...

Here's a quick routine that uses "lame" to convert all WAV files in your current folder to MP3 files. (change the bit rate to fit your tastes...)
for i in *.wav
 FNAME=`echo "$i" | cut -f1 -d"."`
 lame -b 192 "$i" "${FNAME}.mp3"


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QUESTION: Thank you so much for the tips, I will definitely use them and also rank you.

Right now, I am pushed for time, and don't have too much time for trial and error.

I would like to get your opinion and suggestions. I need to make a about a 5 minute music cd with cuts from about 8 songs.  

Am I able to do that using youtube, just getting the cuts from youtube (or if you know another site) because that is a site I am familiar with.

I am still learning LM LiNuxMint 17.1 and that is the computer I mostly use.

I wanted to put the music on my pc (LiNuxMint 17.1), and transfer it to a flashdrive, so I can put it on my other home pc.  Because a family member will perfect it and put it on a cd.

This is all for personal use.

Thanks in advance.

I use:
FireFox + the YouTube Video and Audio Downloader plugin to enable downloads from YouTube
Rhythmbox as my music player
VLC Media Player as my video player
Brasero Disc Burner to create audio CD's from mp3 audio files

I'm assuming you have FireFox installed under LiNuxMint 17.1.
Install the FireFox add-on "YouTube Video and Audio Downloader".
Download the proper ffmpeg archive for your system from http://johnvansickle.com/ffmpeg/
Extract the programs from ffmpeg download and put them in /usr/local/bin
Set the location of ffmpeg in the preferences section of the YouTube Downloader plugin.
(i.e. /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg )
Set your preferred download folder for your YouTube downloads while you're in there.

When you download anything from YouTube using the plugin, you'll get 2 files - 1 video+audio and 1 audio only.

After you've accumulated all the audio files you need, you can either copy the audio files to your USB flash drive using the file manager (nautilus) or you can run Brasero Disc Burner and burn them directly to a CD.

Hope that helps!

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