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Please keep in mind I have no experience with any Linux os.
I just completed burning a knoppix live cd. After booting I tried to set up a dialup connection with my usb hard modem. (dialup is all that is available here).  I was unable to because it is not recognizing any usb devices.  When I am in the BIOS I can see the Kingston data traveler and my usb printer but when knoppix boots up no usb devices appear in the knoppix equivalent of 'device manager'
I have the CD (32 bit) version 7.2.0.

Hi William,

Unfortunately, I've not had any experience with Knoppix. Though, most Linux distros are similar and core components coming from the same source.

My guess is that your not getting the correct drivers loaded in Knoppix and therefore not able to see the USB devices.

Sorry I don't hav a better answer for you.

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