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What exercise modification of a floor abdominal crunch would you prescribe for an individual who has a bulging cervical disc(s)?


Thank you for you question.  Without knowing the severity of the disc bulge and associated symptoms you may have.  Abdominal crunches may not be the best thing at this point.  I would lean more towards an isometric type exercise for abdominals in your situation.  You can google isometric abdominal exercises and try some that you like.  

I hope you are also getting the appropriate care for your cervical disc problem.

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My area of expertise is the detection and correction of subluxation. A subluxation is the misalignment of a bone to the extent that it puts abnormal pressure on and interferes with the communication between the brain and the rest of the body. Putting pressure on nerves and interfering with those mental impulses going from the brain to the rest of the body. Brain to body communication is essential to maintain health! According to Grayís Anatomy the purpose of the nervous system is to control and coordinate all the cell, tissues, organs, and systemís in the body and to adapt that personís body to the environment around them. So if the purpose of the nervous system is to control and coordinate everything in the body then it would make sense that we would want to take care of this system. Therefore interference to the nervous system or lack of communication between the brain and the body would then be the most common cause of health problems in the world today.


Trained and certified in the Upper Cervical Procedure through the KCUCS, Blair Upper Cervical Society, and in the Othrospinology procedure. Post graduate Upper Cervical diplomate through in the Upper Cervical Procedure through Sherman College.

KCUCS - Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific, IUCI - International Upper Cervical Institute, Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Society, ICA Ė International Chiropractic Association, Palmer College of Chiropractic Alumni.

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