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QUESTION: I have been having neck pain for a few years and even lost jobs due to it. Every doctor I saw has associated it with my anxiety. This past summer I fell and went to the ER they did a ct scan and told me that the pain I have been having was from stenosis in my cervical spine , my doctor says I shouldn't  be having any pain. Halloween night I had an acute onset of extreme low back pain. I had an MRI And had stenosis and a disc bulge in my lumbar spine too. My pain has been soo bad I had to turn down a job offer and apply for ssi . I am only 28 yrs old and am in good shape , normal height and weight.    CAT SCAN FINDINGS: A CIRCUMFIRENTIAL DISC BULGE AT C5-C6 THAT CAUSE AT LEAST MILD CANAL STENOSIS AND ANTERIOR CORD EFFACEMENT , STRAIGHTENING IF THE CERVICAL SPINE AND MILD UNCOVERTEBRAL SPURRING CAUSING BONY FORAMINAL NARROWING.        MRI: VERY MINIMAL NARROWING OF THE LUMBAR SPINE WITH SLIGHT LEVOSCOLIOSIS.  Doctor says Ishouldent be in any pain but Iam in so much pain and would do anything to get adequate pain relief. Thank-you.

ANSWER: Angela,

Thank you for your question.  To begin you gave a great clue regarding your situation. You said that you Cervical spine was straight at least according to your CAT scan/MRI findings. When you lose your natural spinal curves your spinal cord can stretch they say 5-7cm. This could be the source of your symptoms from the information given.  

When your head and neck misalign your center of gravity changes and your spine will compensate, over time you will lose your natural spinal curves.   

Dr. Blom


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QUESTION: Thank you for your answer.  If the alignment is my issue , what then would be an effective treatment plan , how is this corrected?  Is surgery needed in my future?


I would start by looking into a consult with an Upper Cervical Chiropractor try www.uppercervicalcare.com see what they have to say about your spinal curves.  

Unfortunately drugs or surgery will not bring back spinal curves.

Good luck,

Dr. Blom

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