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I have been in pain for 4 weeks.  Varying degrees but pain!  I have had lots of test, the latest is an MRI of the cervical and lumbar areas.  I have Lhermitte's sign and I am very concerned they have missed something because everything I look up is confusing on if a bulging disc can in fact cause Lhermitte's.  Here is what it says on my MRI report:

For C6-7 level, C5-6 level and C4-5 level it all says this...
a diffuse disc bulge is noted with end plate and bilateral uncovertebral osteophytes impinging upon the thecal sac and mildly compromising the bilateral neural foramina.
It also says straightening of the cervical lordosis is evident.  Desiccation and mildly reduced heights of all cervical discs are noted.  Normal marrow signal intensity, height and alighment of all cervical verebrae are noted.  The cervical cord is unremarkable in bulk and signal intensity.  Musculoligamentous sprain/spasm.  No acute vertebral fractures. No significant spinal stenosis.

My shoulder hurts really bad too!  Can you put this in "layman's terms" for me?  Could this be causing the lhermitte's sign?
I also had the lumbar done I had two bulges there are L5-S1 and L4-L5.  It also says straightened lumbar lordosis is evident.  Grade I retrolisthesis of a 2 mm of L3 over the L4  vertebrae is noted.  There are preserved heights and hydration of all lumbar intervertebral disks.  
I have an appointment with a spine specialist Tuesday.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

The best person to ask regarding your x-ray report is the Doctor that ordered it or the radiologist that took the MRI.

With that said you are right in your suspicion that a +Lhermitte's sign can be due to bulging discs. The bigger problem is why have you lost your natural spinal curves? The most commonly overlooked cause is a previous injury that resulted in a misalignment of one of the upper two neck bones. This throws the head off center then the spine below will compensate to keep the head level. Now fastforward 10-20-30 years and you begin having symptoms, your spine will become unstable, degeneration will begin and disc problems are very common.

I would look into getting a consult with a qualified upper cervical chiropractor. This website is a great place to start www.uppercervicalcare.com

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,  

Dr. Grayson Blom, B.Sc., D.C., U.C.A.
Upper Cervical Chiropractic Specialist

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