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Dear doctor,
My 65 year old father went to a neurologist about his weakness in his right hand.an MRI scan has been done with this result:
normal cervical lordosis is seen.
vertebral bodies are normal in shape,signal and aligmant.
no bone marrow signal abnormality is seen.
intervertebral disks are normal in height and signal.
posterior disk protrusion with impigment upon the thecal sac is seen at c3-c4,c4-c5,c5-c6,c6-c7 levels.
no evidence of disk herniation,canal or intervertebral forminal narrowing is seen in other cervical levels.
there is abnormal T2 high signal in cervical cord at the level of c5,c6 intervertebral disk consist with myelopathy.

The result of electrodiagnosy:
needle EMG findings:
neurogenic changes was seen in some samples.
electro diagnostic diagnosis:
bilateral chronic c5,c6,c7,c8 neurogenic process which is sever and ongoing in right c5,c6 roots and moderate in other roots.

I have a question according to these results,is surgery recommanded in the case of my father?and what are the consequences if he wont accept to do this surgery?are there any possible ways to treat this?


Thank you for your question. With the information given I cannot say whether surgery is necessary as I am not a surgeon.  You should ask your medical provider if surgery is recommended and the consequences.  It is not possible to answer the question from a radiology report alone.  

With that said it seems there are some nomenclature discrepencies mainly disc herniation vs disc protrustion. Click the link I have attached and you will notice that a herniation vs a protrusion are basically one and the same. So the radiology report stating that there is disc protrusion but no evidence of disc herniation doesn't add up. If there is in fact disc protrusion into the thecal sac on that many vertebrae then this is a very serious situation.  It is also not known if this is an acute trauma or a chronic problem.  


There are other ways to care for nerve problems other than surgery.  But again form the info given there is not enough info to make any kind of decision. You should direct these questions to your healthcare provider. What did they say?

You could consult with an Upper Cervical Chiropractor and bring your imaging with you to the appointment. Upper Cervical care has helped a lot of people come back from very serious problems.  

I hope this helps,

Kind regards,

Dr. Blom

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