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chrystal wrote at 2007-09-20 23:50:51
I was just reading your answer to bill and found that very interesting. Today I received a bright yellow letter in the mail that said the same thing about the $50. It also goes on to say that if I did not return it within 10 days it would be $100. If within the 10 days of the post mark on the originals letter then the cost is a great thing at only $50.00. So I decided to go on the web and look up a few names that where in this letter they are as follows:  Dr. John Pulaski a math & economics professor and also Wardell Russell which was also the person that you are to send the money to. The letter claims that you can eliminate your debt in just 90 days with this simple system. Not only little debt but $125,000 in debt within only 90 days. NO where in the letter does it say what you will get,do or sell. It had me going till the end were it says to send "cash only. Checks and money orders WILL be returned" you must also enclose a self addressed stamped envelope with your order.

  Just think I would have sent this program in IF it would not have said "cash only" but really think about it you as a customer will have no way to say that you paid for it. Cash comes with no receipt. People need to be a lot more careful in what they belive in. So don't worry you were not the only person to receive this type of letter,e-mail or other source of mail.


PS thanks for your answer also Cassandra  

Bernard wrote at 2007-09-25 14:50:52
Hello, I got the same exact letter as Crystal. I also was very interested until I came to the "Cash Only" and the "No Refunds & No Exception!" part.  My letter came from Charles Jennings.  I DID NOT ORDER.

E Little wrote at 2008-07-14 03:49:15
Yeah guys and gals...received same letter but from guy named Richard Reynders from North Pole, Alaska of all places...

enjoyed the quick read and was excited as most of us are at first.

But notice in letter it explains that "There isn't a plan in existence that I know of that is mathematically sound".  I guess that goes for this scam too.  

Best to cut and run and hope you didn't participate in this one.

Matt wrote at 2008-07-30 03:31:41
The name in the letter is Polaski.  Not Polanski.

I would like to see the results of someone who actually sent money.

Eddieo wrote at 2008-07-31 13:23:48
Don't just dismiss something because YOUR LOGIC doesn't like the looks or the wording or whatever! This is the real deal and you could be missing out on the biggest opportunity in your lifetime!!!

BarbaraV wrote at 2008-08-05 21:27:17
I received the same letter today about Common Sense III.  It came from Ronald West in Forest Hills, TX.  The no checks or money orders was a red flag for me as well.

ScamBuster wrote at 2008-09-03 00:26:12
Everyone here is right on the money. There seems to be some variation in the letters but the premise is exactly the same. The letter I received came on a single white sheet of paper that was printed on both sides. At the top it had a picture of two dogs, one smaller than the other with a Question and Answer written next to it. "Question: If the Big Dog gets the bone what does the little dog get? Answer: To watch the big dog enjoy the bone!"

All I have to say is save your money and don't give these people a dime. I did a search of the Dr. John Pulaski as well as the name of the person who sent the letter to me. The name on the envelope was Chris Michalek. I also looked up his address in Savannah, GA written that was written to appear like an office (14 Talina Lane Unit C). It turns out that it was an apartment (address had no "unit C") and the person registered at the address is actually named Robert T. Snowberger. This tells me that this is the key to the "send cash only. Orders w/checks or money orders will be returned."

They CANNOT cash the checks or money orders because they have to show ID. The person who lives at the address you send the money to is NOT the same name that is on the envelope. You send your cash money to that person and that is where it all ends. You have just sent cash to someone's house in the name of someone else that you cannot find because they do not exist at that address!!

I think it is clear that if you receive one of these letters in the mail RUN LIKE THE PLAGUE!!

ptmueller wrote at 2008-09-06 02:40:26
eddieo can you please e m a i l me at

live life on easy street at yahoo dot com

put the address above all together

didly squat wrote at 2008-09-29 22:17:58
I, too, received a 4-page yellow flyer "COMMON SENSE" supposedly a cash generating home based busines. It came from a "Ron King in San Anselmo, CA" He is apparently legit.  I found him at the return address by going to free white pages.  His instructions was $100 if funds were sent within 10 days of the postmark, Sept 16, 2008.  I actually received it, Sept 29, 2008, so there was no way for this offer to be good for the $100.   If after 10 days, it would require $300. In checking the internet for Dr John Pulaski, I came upon this website.  I'm glad I did, now!!!

Helen wrote at 2008-10-11 15:56:27
I also received one today, bright yellow with the mousetrap/cheese stuff.  If this guy really is a doctor, why does the last line, first page say,...There aren't any and quit frankly can't be any they way they are designed and here's just a few reasons why: -quit frankly-  and - they way they are - a Dr. of any type should know how to spell -quite- and -the- or at least proof read for typos before printing and sending out to thousands and having those who put their name on it doing the same.  Of course the name/address at the bottom are those who did take advantage of or maybe I should say, be taken advantage of, with this program.

Patricia wrote at 2008-10-25 17:36:29
I received the same letter . This one was from a Jack French in Maryville ,TN. The letter did say I could write a check but added that I should add $20.00 and there would be a two week delay. It is in the trash can now.

Tutu wrote at 2008-12-09 17:18:49
I'm from Hawaii & received the bright yellow flyer. Envelope dated 12/3,(which was typed on) it wasn't stamped by US Postal Service. I received on 12/6.

Return Address is: Richard Swanek  238 Pine Ln.  Bensenville, IL 60106-1730 and it said "Mouse Inside". It said 3rd Edition 2008..//..Since 2004.

Payment:YES Please rush my reserved copy of "COMMON SENSE" 3rd Edition 2008 by Dr. John Pulaski. I have enclosed ___$300 ___ $100(10-day postmark cash price: $80+$20S/H). ___Cash ____Money Order(add$10) ___Check (add $20+2 week delay) Positively NO REFUNDS! Please enclosed a "self address stamped envelope" (2 first-class stamps) with a copy of the order form.

So, does it fit in the self addressed envelope? If it does Y R we paying $20 for S/H?

They got my address somewhere from my hotmail. I use a certain name just for Searching "work from home" stuff and it was addressed to same name.

Also Yahoo has another discussion board on this subject. I just google searched Dr. John Pulaski & it came up. One guy in there says  he's making money. I guess we will never know who to believe until we take a chance & possibly loose. That's what gambling is all about...  LOL   ALOHA

RR wrote at 2008-12-30 07:07:46
These guys are MSI Direct Response in Newport Beach, CA. I think the deal is that you pay them to a mailing for you - the same one you received. Seems like a chain letter deal and there's no real income outside of the money you get by having other people send in their money. I know this because they are in my building and I accidentally got one of their "customer" orders.

John wrote at 2009-01-10 16:52:58
I got one of these "Mouse inside" letters today from Jack L. Podesto, 800 Brookvale Dr., Modesto CA 95355-4457

Rob wrote at 2009-01-11 17:55:39
"If it sounds too good to be true it probably is?"

If it works then you are a scammer too. You have to sleep with yourself. Never describes what value you are providing. This is for people that have "No common Sense"

Make My Day!! wrote at 2009-02-18 12:24:20
Yup....It's a SCAM!!! There is NO Product or Service offered + NO contact info...BEWARE!! There are going to be plenty more SCAMS out there now, because these crooks know a lot of people are getting desperate for money!!

Too bad we can't track them down & pass the info to the Postal Authorities!! This is MAIL FRAUD!! A Federal Offense!!

My 4 page yellow 'MOUSE FLYER' had the name....Timothy Mansfield, Indianapolis IN. on it!

I did a Reverse phone / address check on it & came up with a different name (M. K. Selke / 317-862-5440)....I am going to try calling later!! Should be interesting to hear what he has to say!!

He probably does NOT have a clue that his name & address are being used!! OR...alternatively, he is part of the Scam!! Stay Tuned!

bill wrote at 2009-05-12 19:03:15
I doubt that constitutes mail fraud per se; it DOES constitute yet another opportunity for gullible folks to fork over their hard-earned money to the charlatan that started all this.  There is enough disclaimer language throughout to keep them out of trouble.

The one I got refers to poor mice wanting cheese --- their payment policy has evolved to allow money orders ($10 extra) and checks ($20 extra, plus a 2 week delay [it'd be a shame if they got stuck with a bad check or two]).   Also, in big black capital letters - "No Refunds".

Don't be too hard on the person who actually sent the material to you.  He/she is a victim who probably sent some big bucks to the promoters; he/she printed up a thousand or so brochures, probably bought a "hot" mailing list of "opportunity seekers" from the same promoter, put $.42 on each envelope, hauled them to the post office, and as we speak, is waiting for the $100 bills to fill the mailbox.

BRUCE MOORE,JR. wrote at 2009-06-30 19:57:42

Greg Reynolds wrote at 2009-07-10 02:58:32

The originator of this scheme is Dr John Pulaski.

All you get when you Google his name is a chance to buy his book and some mentions by folks who are suspiciouls about it.

Nothing reporting him.

I have been trying to track him down for some time now as my Dad has invested over $3500 in it.

Al W wrote at 2009-10-14 14:22:11
The yellow 4 page flyer and single line story is something else.  If anything, I'm sure some souls found a few days of peace and joy waiting for the good Doctor to get back to them.  If there is an easy work at home get rich quick way out there,  I'm certainly eager to get started.

Tim Martin wrote at 2009-11-20 20:38:59
Al W says he's eager to get started in an easy way to get rich.  There are no easy ways to get rich, and Dr. Pulaski's "program" certainly won't get you there (I just received one of his post cards yesterday -- and wrote to the sender suggesting he cut his losses).  There are, however, some ways to make a bit of money and build up over time.  One of these is completely no cost -- so at least there is no financial downside.  In fact, some people are already building up to nice incomes, getting paid for doing things they already do (it's like Facebook, except that the ad revenue gets shared with the users -- which means that everyone wins, and the system grows even quicker.  If you are interested in making some money without spending any, check out http://www.NetCashForFree.com

Paul Veenendall wrote at 2010-11-10 01:41:34
I also believe this could be a scam in itself. However to avoid tracing by the IRS so you dont have to pay taxes money orders and checks would not be acceptable in the event of tax liability.

I say beware no matter what!

MrEasy wrote at 2013-03-27 20:01:10
Hello,  The Common Sense program does work.  It is a private gifting club. They warn you up front that if you can not afford to market the program, don't join. In fact, they advise you to quit looking for a work from home program as theirs is the best.

Again, this is a gifting program that is Tax Free Cash to you.

Approved by the IRS code 950.

Thanks for reading.  murphyjw@hotmail.com  

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