L:VB wrote at 2014-04-14 15:48:46
Dear GT

Thank you so much for posting this question - you have described me almost perfectly. I also have severely degenerated disks and stenosis up to 80% of the spinal canal. I started having prostrate problems in '06 when my financial world was coming unglued. My lower back issues also moved to the forefront at that time. (yes, stress can do that to any of us)

I sought help through several urologists and 4 "up through the penis" procedures later, I could urinate - nothing changed with the orgasm issue. I am 65, divorced twice, and in otherwise healthy condition - athletic for my age. I shy away from any opportunity to even get close to a relationship with a woman because of the orgasm issue - I more often than not cannot bring myself to orgasm through massturbation - really depressing.

If you have anything new to post on this, I would love to see it - thanks again for bringing your situation into the light for others to know



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