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KDS wrote at 2012-03-30 07:49:51
The answer given to the question is certainly thorough-- And way beyond the scope of the original question.  That the left testicle often hangs higher than the right is irrelevant here.  Likewise, discussion of the prostate has no bearing.  The original question was brief but very specific: uncomfortably elevated left testicle.  Uncomfortably elevated.  Only on the left.  Just one testicle.  I do not think prostatitis causes a testicle to elevate uncomfortably.

The most interesting part of this answer appears at the bottom of paragraph 3: "Other than by injury, the cremaster muscles rarely are the cause of testicular discomfort."  And yet this pretty much describes what the question-asker's problem is.  The next seven paragraphs meandering around the topic of prostatitis and epididymis are for the benefit of other people.  In the end, all that text does not provide an answer or even a likely route for the asker to pursue.  10 paragraphs to say, "I have no idea what is wrong with you."  

I am sorry, but that's is not helpful.

SIM wrote at 2013-12-19 02:03:13
(*) Loss of Ejaculatory function due to Blocked/Clogged Vas Deferens caused by:

Withdraw at the Time of Ejaculation.

*    Please note the following:

*   That this post does not refer to an UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) case., it is solely and specifically regarding the above mentioned affliction.

*   Please forgive any inaccuracies on anatomical terms or descriptions, Iím no Doc, OK.

*   That this post is written in the first person and is offered solely as a case history of my EXPERIENCES in this affliction.  These were the solutions that WORKED FOR ME.  PERMANENTLY AND COMPLETELY.  Thatís itÖ


Here we go:  The Overall Solution that Eventually worked: (Please also note the following Tips):

1)   First and foremost:   When I went to the Doc, I Insisted upon Both 500mg. Ciprofloxacin (X 2 daily) for my antibiotic and 500Mg. Naproxen (X 2 daily) for the anti inflammatory.

2)   Initial overall drug therapy MUST consist of an absolute rock bottom minimum of:

*   45 Days regiment 500mg. Ciprofloxacin X 2 daily

*   60 Days 500Mg. Naproxen X 2 daily

*   OTC Naproxen (If necessary/Anal Doctor) thereafter 500mg. Daily X 2 Until Symptoms totally gone and full functionality restored.  (I did an additional 35 days OTC)

3)    Maintaining as close to complete abstinence from ejaculation of any kind (especially masturbation) during the initial healing/recovery stages is critical.

4)   Try not to get on the internet and research the antibiotic drug: Ciprofloxacin.  This is an awesomely effective and safe Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic that like ANY OTHER DRUG, has potential side effects.  These potential side effects are so heinously blown out of proportion by people posting on the internet that if you read this malarkey youíll have yourself convinced the thing will kill you.  THIS DRUG HEALED ME., AND FAST.  And had also healed be 2 years prior of a debilitating sinus infection after other drugs failed.

5)   THE KEY TO HEALING AND RECOVERY: Repairing The Muscle.  

These (affected) Muscle structures (Cremaster/Spermatic Cord) that we are talking about here are very isolated, very small in structure, and have relatively remote and minor vascular support compared to and are competing with most of the muscles of the body.    Problem is, theyíre damaged to the point of dysfunction.  Solution is to provide these damaged muscles the nutrients that they need through both augmented diet AND Branch Chain Amino Acid supplements, during this relatively long recovery process so as to:

1)   Promote the necessary Muscle regeneration/healing and

2)   Allow these muscles to gradually, over the duration of the recovery process, through the normal flexing (abdominal muscles) to re-strengthen and eventually, like in this documented case, become totally healed and functioning normally.  Have you ever been involved in a sport requiring regimented and intense strength training?  Remember the principle of (for example) lifting weights and the process of tearing down muscle fibers and the bodyís natural process of repairing them through the regeneration of muscle scar tissue that grows over the exercised muscle.

The key nutrients are of course BRANCH CHAIN AMINO ACIDS.  These are the chemical building blocks of proteins and as such, the key nutrient of muscle regeneration and repair whether itís from working out or rehab from an injury.  The drugs are nothing but the chemical that opens, and keeps open the healing door.


6)   Your Branch Chain Amino Acid Supplement:

Öjust order (3) 2 lb. tubs (as pictured) and while youíre on the Cipro (first 6 weeks) donít mix the shake with milk, (it (any dairy) impedes the Antibioticís effectiveness), instead use water or juice. ThenÖ

7)   Go to your local Walmart and pick up (preferably 4 lb packages) of lean hamburger meat (93/7) at least and get used to eating at least 1 lb. of it a day as leanly cooked as you can stand it.

∑   Hereís the payoff!  Red meat is the absolute (by far) best natural source of the Amino Acids that the body needs for muscle recovery.  Sticking to this diet for the 2 month duration might well shorten your overall healing time but stick to it for the full 2 months.  And as a precaution, before your 60 days of RX Naproxen is gone, get some OTC Naproxen (Aleve) and keep right on going with Amino Acid Supplement, The Red Meat diet and the 500Mg. a day OTC Naproxen until youíre both symptom free and fully functional.

Causative Incident:

On 7.29.13 while I was masturbating an important phone call came in at the exact moment that I was ejaculating and I withdrew at the time of ejaculation.  

This abrupt cessation/evacuation of this involuntary muscle contraction caused a spasm in the left side Cremaster Muscle (within the spermatic cord) at a primary affected area of the approximately one half inch of Cremaster that separates the top of the junction at the epididymis and the junction at the exit from the inguinal ring exactly in the middle.  All primary Cremaster muscle structures including internal and external fascia muscle structures were affected (damaged) as well as damage to various nerve filaments.  

Case History:      

On approximately August 1 was the first day of pain.  I experienced considerable pain during ejaculation (while the Vas was still relatively unclogged) as the ejaculate passed through this area of the Vas due to the inflammation caused by the spasm of the Vas/Cremaster.  The pain was similar on the second day and on the third day it was approximately Ĺ as intense followed by the fourth day the pain level was the same Ĺ original intensity.  The gradually diminishing pain during these first few days was a result of the Vas itself passing less and less ejaculate each day due to the Vas itself becoming more and more clogged. (See Below) **

On about the 6th or 7th day after the injury there was no pain during ejaculation but I noticed that very little ejaculate was produced during ejaculation and consisted solely of aggregate prostate, seminal fluid and traces of mucous.  No Sperm at all was produced.  The Vas had become completely clogged.

There was no pain at all in the urethra or anywhere else as a result of/during urination at any point of this process.  The initial, primary pain was in the (above mentioned) affected spasm area of the Vas and was mostly isolated to this (affected) area alone AND only occurred during ejaculation.

** The Process:




Sperm/Ejaculate being built up into a clog around the swollen area of the Vas during the first 10 days

Total Blockage


During this stage the Vas itself (apparently below the clog) began the process of draining and dissolving what congestion that it could and along with the clog itself I felt it as tightness in that area of my groin with occasional short instances of faint pain/discomfort primarily on the left side but beginning to present on the right side but much less frequently and noticeably less intense.  

Treatment Phase I.  (Incomplete Treatment):

On the 31st day after the injury after spending almost the entire first month infected and totally clogged up I stopped testing to see if it was subsiding on itís own and began complete abstinence from masturbating and went to my GP who prescribed 500mg Ciprofloxacn and 500mg Naproxen twice daily for 15 days and drinking (8) glasses of water a day and taking the meds at the same time every day/12 hour increments.  After the drug therapy began the process of drainage followed by tightness, then relative calm followed by a repeat of the process for 10 days.

On the 11th day of drug therapy the main clog in the effected area of the Vas had cleared.  There was absolutely no pain.  It occurred that day and was a very clear sensation of a section of approximately 1.5 - 2 inches of congestion in the exact area of the Vas spasm that was passing through the Vas, downward towards the testicle.  

At this point I began to experience the same drainage/tightness/calm-repeat process that then began to drain (presumably) the upper portions of the Vas above the previous clog area all the way up to the top (opening) to the inguinal canal.   

Later in the process, with 24 hours left on my initial scripts I didnít want any infection to re emerge so I went in and got a refill of 10 additional days with the same dosage.

Once the drug therapy started, after the clog cleared on the 11th day and after 16 days of abstinence from ejaculation I tested the ejaculatory function and it had been totally restored while on the drugs.  

At the end of the 25 days the anal retentive doctor refused to extend the drug therapy any further and  as soon as I came off the drugs, I immediately relapsed 2 days later.  The muscle simply hadnít had near enough time, nutrients and duration of drug therapy (to protect it) to recover and restore full functionality.

Sperm/Ejaculate built up into a clog again around the re-swollen area of the Vas during the first 2  days after pre-mature cessation of the drug therapy.  Total Blockage, Re-Infection.  Also, I hadnít yet at this stage, recognized the utter necessity/deal breaker of steps 5-7 (Listed Above)

The Process Continued:

I went to a different (still a General Practitioner) Doctor, who listened to me, agreed with me and issued a 45 day regiment of Cipro and 60 day regiment of Naproxen, soÖ

I did the 45 days on the Cipro and was only able to get 60 days of RX Naproxen from the G.P.  


on the 24th day of the Second Drug therapy regiment It hit my like a ton of bricks that I should be doing steps 5-7 (listed above) and started doing both.  This is when the final stage healing process began.  Within BOTH of the previous attempts/stages I had persistent pain & discomfort and no initiation of a final healing stage for the muscle tissues themselves.  They just stayed in this state of no more than 30-40% healing (approx.) and kept on being persistently symptomatic untilÖ

This is where it started turning around.  I started on steps 5-7 and the symptoms began to dissipate.  Almost immediately I started noticing/feeling/experiencing, directly in the affected area of the Cremaster, healing twinges and Nerve healing Zingers just like in Muscle Tear/Strain Rehab.

On the periodic tests I was getting good flow and full functionality while on the drugs but still having some discomfort.  

As the healing process became more noticeable during this final stage, on the 29th day of it, I had my first totally symptom free day.

By the 65th day I was totally healed, fully functional and symptom free.



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