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Urology/large prostrate/difficulty urinating at night.


Tzviabraham wrote at 2008-10-28 07:41:36
You have not answered the question. The only explanation you gave is that "the bladded can become more full," but I suffer from this problem even when I happen to get up at night and feel only a slight need to urinate. And it seems that lying prone does not enlarge the prostrate, since the causes you listed involve sitting upright. Moreover, if the problem were from a distended bladder, it would arise whenever a person with this problem had a strong need to urinate. I am not aware of that and, it seems the person who asked the question makes no mention of it.

Harry wrote at 2014-05-08 23:30:29
I believe the difficulty may be associated with waking from a dream,  with a partial erection. This could explains the prostatic swelling, and thus the difficulty.


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