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Urology/cremaster muscle reconstruction


Mikeinla wrote at 2010-05-27 10:30:15
Guys, I too suffer from this after having an orchiectomy.  I suffer intense pain and suffering during the build up to ejaculation -- like a muscle cramp.  My doc prescribed a muscle relaxer that I take a few hours before I plan on sexual activity and voilla, it works -- no pain.  It wasn't that my doc was a butcher Jamie, but rather it was a necessary to remove the testicle from an injury and the cremaster damage was an unintended consequence -- that gravely affects my life.  I hope you get better soon.  I have.  But I have not gotten over the frustration and horror of it.

ep1275 wrote at 2010-10-27 08:58:07
I had a similar hernia side effect and am extremely upset about it. The cremasteric muscle is there to protect the testicle, not only from extremes in temperature, but also trauma that can come during exercise, sex, or other vigorous activity. It is unconscionable that severing the cremasteric muscle in inguinal hernia repair is still considered acceptable under the "gold standard."  

jack wrote at 2012-06-11 19:13:37
No Doctor, He isn't the only one.  Maybe the only on stepping forward. Same happened to me. Physically, no difference. However, I'm a triathlete and work out often. It does matter! Actually it can get in the way. One testicle hanging 4 inches below the other is unaccetable. Put the surgeon's ego aside and admit the truth.  I'm pretty upset too.

Nukliuz wrote at 2012-06-24 20:01:14
That is complete bullshit as I also received this operation nearly two months ago and my testicle hangs so low it prevents me from leading a normal life. It is always sensitive, uncomfortable and in some cases painful. I have sat on it twice and the pain is immobilizing.

JD23 wrote at 2013-02-12 11:14:20
He's not "the first person" to find this unacceptable.  I have had the same surgery and the same thing happen.  I know what you mean by it's unacceptable.. I guess you have to have it done to understand.  It feels VERY off to have one of you testicles lifelessly hanging at the bottom of you scrotum with no more control over it.  It's painful deep to the internal oblique because it's hanging on the chord and no cremaster to hold it up any more. It's an awful awful feeling and since it just happened to me, i'm trying to find a way to fix it as well.

HSV wrote at 2013-03-16 02:35:49
Add me to the list. Inguinal hernia repair 20 months ago left me with a testicle that dangles several inches lower than my normal side.  It hurts most of the time and is always uncomfortable.  I also have sat my testicle a number of times - no need to describe that feeling. Painful during sex. Feels like a I am always sitting on a piece of barbed wire. At post operative visits, the surgeon laughed at me for caring about what it looks like. He told me that it is what is... nothing he could do about it. Get some tight underwear. That does not help.

Steve wrote at 2013-05-08 03:04:45
Are you back to normal again Jamie?  I had the exact same thing happen to me recently and want to know what I have to look forward to.  Please let me know if you can...much thanks!


John wrote at 2013-07-03 13:55:00
(Sorry for my Enlglish I’m French) Two years ago I had my left testicle that was going up more and more often and blocks during sex and it was a bit hurful. I talked with an urologist he told me He could remove the cremaster muscle and there would be no consequences. That was the worst mistake of my life. Like you say it's really sensitive, uncomfortable and hurtful. But for me it's still worse, generally just after the erection there is an inflammation that appears all on left side of the penis that makes hypospermia, no more power/distance  and premature ejaculation in few seconds and a lot of other problems… but I'll create another topic with the exact details about that. I'm looking for any solution to help me with this problem, muscle cremaster reconstruction I don't know how maybe tissue engineering, stem cells therapy anithyng…If someone here found a solution please let me know.

Paul wrote at 2014-04-22 01:19:43
I have the same issue.  When I went back to the surgeon I got a look of horror and then a complete denial that anything was wrong and nothing that was her fault.  Finally after a year of dealing with the pain, another surgeon said that sometimes the cremaster must be cut...yeah right.  Divided maybe, but not cut.  I am going to see a urologist soon.  However, it looks like there is no fix for a poor surgeon.  I often think that I was better off before the hernia repair.  As an athlete, I am learning to just deal with the pain, but not happy about it.  Very angry that this person is allowed to be called a doctor.  I am told by a doctor friend that these are simple and there is no excuse for errors except for incompetence. Clearly it will not get better on its own.  

John wrote at 2016-01-18 06:54:26
There are many, many men including myself that would LOVE to have their cremaster muscles cut.  Retracting testicles during sex or at other times can be hard to live with.  I suffer from a hyper cremaster.  It draws hard and aggressively during sex to the point it can even diminish my erection.  No surgeon will electively cut these muscles to alleviate this condition.  Lucky you.


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