reader wrote at 2009-03-16 04:39:13
just wanted to pass along that I have tried P-boost and it does work, well at least for me it does.  It works really well.

Timeseeker wrote at 2009-04-10 23:07:10
After using numerous such products with no success, I used P-boost and it actually worked for me and in a very short period of time, about 20 min.  It lasted for over 24 hours.  My only concern is that even though it is not listed in the ingredients that it may contain some amount of yohimbe which research has shown works well for the cause but is extremely hazardous to the heart.

Relmason wrote at 2009-05-19 21:03:09
I humbly disagree that herbal products don't work or are illegitimate because the FDA hasn't evaluated and/or give their stamp of approval.  Most herbal products have a disclaimer of this sort on them.  I have tried 4 - 5 different male sexual enhancement products and some diffinetly work better than others.  I just got some P-Boost and will report back.  I had great results from Zirex,  but the formula changed and its not so great now.  I regularly use a product called Rhino51 which works well for me - erections are much stronger, no premature ejaculation and I can have sex several times in the course of a couple days after taking it.  It really boosts confidence and pleasure for me and my lady.

tshimmy wrote at 2009-05-31 22:11:40
...however, the FDA does not evaluate ANY vitamins, herbs or otherwise for a variety of reasons; no big pharma giving them money to approve, hard to put a blanket approval for random things like vitamins due to strength and quality issues. just because the FDA has not approved really does not mean anything. if a large company made these and paid the FDA you would likely see it approved.

larivere wrote at 2009-08-03 22:21:09
I am 51, in good shape, exercise regularly and have a satisfying sexual relationship with my wife. I have never purchased a product such as this... so was surprised when within 10 minutes, it was noticeable and definitely not a placebo effect.  One of these babies and you can score a double or triple play and very ridgid.  The downside is headache if taken on an empty stomach... I tried it with food and an Excedrin PM, worked great.  Also, if you take it at night... it has some lingering effects well into the next day.  Lingering effects include noticeable "swelling" and nearly instantaneous connection between brain and crotch.  More like high school than middle age.

ESTEVE wrote at 2009-08-09 22:46:01
this product works. I take it periodically, sometimes just a small portion of the whole capsule as an experiment.  Yes, it works.  Gave to a friend who hasn't been able to be intimate successfully for two years due to illness/mental or whatever.  He laughed...got results he didn't expect.

john wrote at 2009-09-03 00:09:08
P-boost absolutely, positively works. I have tried many male enhancement products, all with a healthy skepticism. Only this one a soon-to-be-released product called magic power coffee work unequivacally. Both, if taken as directed, will give you powerful erections the likes of which you might not have experienced since your teen years. Absolutely amazing.

Worksforme wrote at 2009-10-29 20:15:47
yep --- it certainly does work.  I have used Viagra for 10 years now and the P-Boost reaction is nearly the same.  Also, I tasted some of the powder and it seems to taste a lot like the inside of a Viagra tablet.  There is a lot of "generic" AKA Indian Viagra on the market very cheep.  I wonder if that is what makes P-boost work so well ?

gman wrote at 2010-02-11 23:59:41
Just because its not FDA evaluated doesn't mean a thing, P Boost works and works great, no side effects just pure pleasure for days. Try the free sample and see for your self like I did.

takeheart wrote at 2010-02-13 16:31:35
I had a near psychedelic experience. Whatever is in this pill causes me to be dizzy, light headed, kind of freakie feeling... I don't think i will try another. Sex was already over by the time all this came on. not sure if i could have enjoyed this thinking i was about to have a stroke or something!

takeheart wrote at 2010-02-13 16:39:03
Something in PBoost made me feel like i was either about enter a psilocybin experience or have a heart attack. It may have had some sexual enhancement qualities but it affected my head and body too much for me to be comfortable with it. Maybe i will try a lesser dose if i even try it again.

supersexed wrote at 2010-03-03 08:46:34
PBoost DEFINITELY works and works fast and well. I opted to open the capsule and pour half of the contents under my tongue and within 15 minutes results.I do occassionally feel light headed and with or without food,I have had splitting headaches. I'm not sure if this oocurs with everyone, but the results cannot be denie.

FSP wrote at 2010-03-04 17:45:27
P boost worked for me.Within an hour an erection stood for little over 2 hours.Im 53 best sex in a long time, no side effects.

Bill wrote at 2010-07-06 18:06:41
I am in my eighties and fairly fit . I tried P boost and it works .Few after effects , a slight headache and loss of sleep

bobby wrote at 2010-12-06 21:20:09
Well I tried the P-boost and it does work for roughly 30 hours(at least for me).....only thing I don't like is the slight headache I get from it, but my erections were extremely hard and rigid.....I wish they would come down in price, too expensive for natural ingredients.  

Hertsman wrote at 2011-12-06 23:10:34
yeah the ingredient causing your nasty side effects which p-boost forget to mention is Yohimbe. Read up on the side effects of Yohimbe.

Low T Doctor wrote at 2012-10-10 23:04:13
This product worked well for most of the males in my practice until recently.  It has changed in color, consistency, and effect.  It is not nearly as effective.  The company denies any change but it is nor longer effective.  Save your money.

swleslie wrote at 2012-11-19 17:06:11
Regarding the issue about FDA approval, it's been mentioned here several times that the FDA does not approve any herbal product.  The real issue isn't the FDA; it's what is actually in the product and is there any unbiased, independent proof that it actually works.  Testimonials are nice but are not considered reliable especially in ED treatments where placebos often give a 50% response!  In the past, many such herbal products actually contained various amounts of potentially dangerous hormones or medications.  While these may have helped, they also pose real risks.  Unfortunately, there is no oversight or regulation of these products so you don't know what you are getting and the formulas can change.  Proceed at your own risk.

Zico wrote at 2013-12-16 06:04:20
Well it's confirmed now. FDA just banned P-boost as it contained prescription drug content tadalfil. This ingredient is in Viagra and dangerous to take if someone is also taking nitrate for some reason. So all natural supplements which are available in the market is just not always natural!!!

swleslie wrote at 2013-12-18 00:17:57
Lots of misinformation and just plain errors on some of the posts here.  The FDA does not regular herbal products and nutritionals not because they don't get paid but because they are specifically prohibited by law.  These items are legally designated as "foods" and not "drugs".  If they had to go through the same rigorous testing that drugs do, almost none would be able to come to market due to the tremendous cost of testing.

Tadalafil is not "in" viagra, it is a different but very similar drug.  The problem with using these drugs with nitrates is that they potentiate nitrates and increase their effect; much like taking an overdose.  "This can cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure" is how they say it on the Viagra commercials, but the reality is they can cause a very significant drop in blood pressure and even kill you so that's a pretty good reason to be cautious.  To put this kind of potentially dangerous drug in a nutritional supplement is extremely risky.

Bambino wrote at 2013-12-18 15:36:59
We'll we can also add that it was not a Natural Ingredient causing peoples headaches.  It was a prescription MED that was causing the discomfort.  So I guess we should read up more on these.  Could it be that we are being told by the powers that be, not to go natural because it will interfere with the sales of their prescribed meds.

reece wrote at 2014-04-02 11:04:55
Pboost has changed it's formula. There are only about 4 mentioned active ingredients and none of them seem specifically related to vasodialation. The old formula(3 years ago) worked well, but it seems as if these "NATURAL" product companies, put ingredients in their product that they don't list on the label and pull the ingredient when the FDA or someone gets hot on their trail.  That's just my opinion,because I've used a number of products, that have worked for awhile and then they don't work anymore.


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