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Urology/Urine stream problem.


Muzza wrote at 2012-11-18 01:37:04
Hello guys. I had most of the above symptoms after a one night stand ie burning after urinating about three weeks after the event. It completely freaked me out I convinced myself I had every STD in the world through bling panicking and reading stories of dread on the net. I had negative tests for chalm and gone which made me fell a whole lot better. My doctor came to the conclusion had an inflamed prostate and gave me Ciprofloracin 250 mg twice a day for two weeks which eased the symptoms in about a week but I was still getting discomfort in my penis after urination which felt like I had something stuck in there. Now this is gonna sound so simple but true. My penis was holding back some urine basically and that was laying in my ureatha and causing irritation. I believe I did have a prostate infection then holding bacteria in my penis caused the uritha discomfort. I stated making sure my penis was totally empty of urine by squeezing it all out till I was satisfied there was nothing in there and hey prestow it tele 100% better. So basically all you guys feeling discomfort after urination give it a shot as this end of penis discomfort might all be due to retained urine. Hope this helps and guys don't worry these problems are only a blip for most of us.


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