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Urology/Prostatitis, Frequency, and Strange Growth in Toilet Bowl


chuckie wrote at 2010-06-21 10:05:03
I don't have an answer , per se but a friend has a dilemma almost similar to what the gentleman described...his doctors think that he has a tumor in his prostate or something of that nature he had polyps removed from his bladder a couple of weeks ago with little complications... he belives he may have a parasite...actually both have been going to doctors over the last few months for a combination of skin and GI issues which are convinced are related... nevertheless, the reason I am writing is we have also had this organism in the toilet issue... for me it's most apparent after bowel movements...seperatealmost minute particles amass into something like a pseudoplasmodium (discovered this phenomenom after seeing this in the toilet bowel several times)... At first I thought I was hallucinating but tonight my friend finally witnessed what I had been talking about... and called me... I got online to do searches and came across this posting,

Amyjo wrote at 2013-12-13 10:13:07
Rick, I have the same exact think that you describe. I am a 35-yo female.  We do routinely clean our toilet every other week with lysol toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. But inevitably, within a week, these clear beads form for me too.  There is obviously something in the urine (as my husband's toilet does not do this).  I have had many blood tests lately for a liver inflammation and urinalysis indicated protein as well as medium to small hemoglobin.  I suppose the protein or hemoglobin could be feeding whatever is growing down there?  Oddly, enough I think the bacteria must come from me somehow, since pure liquid bleach within the tank and toilet bowl every other week would have to kill it if it was simply growing in the toilet bowl.  


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