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Urology/Penis extender injury, maintaining erection


Dear Dr. Goldstein,

I used a penis extender, and seemed to have tried to "extend" too much in one session. Since removing the device two days ago, my penis feels numb, slightly sore at the base. The muscle that controls urination also seems very unresponsive, but I am not incontinent.

Yesterday morning, I was able to achieve a firm erection and even to ejaculate, but I was only able to get erect by thinking,viewing stimuli. Touch had little effect.

This afternoon I visited a urologist who noted that there was no swelling, and seemed satisfied enough that it was a sensory nerve (?) issue, and not a motor nerve (?) one. He said the nerves would likely regenerate, much like in the case wherein a person has numbness after an incision eventually can feel again.

He would not give a range as to how long the healing process might take, recommend any further test, asked for a follow-up in 2 months, and sent me on my way.

Could you speak to a prognosis based on your experience with such cases? Can you 'guesstimate' at a general recovery time to expect -- a month, 6 months, a year, etc.? I am late-30's, healthy. Is it likely a permanent situation, in fact?

DAY 2 update, this morning I awoke without a morning erection. This is an unusual event for me. Does this indicate a more anything more serious, or is this consistent with a sensory nerve issue? I am deeply concerned.

Thank you,

Joshua, your urologist is correct.  Your symptoms are typical of sensory nerve injury (not motor).  Your lack of morning erection recently is of no concern.  All will return to normal over time.

I have read the web sites regarding claims of increasing penile size with a variety of techniques (ie penile extenders, massage, jelqing, andropenis, etc.).  However, based on my years of practice and knowledge of anatomy and physiology, I find it difficult to believe they would work to any significant degree. However, I have received numerous reports on this site of complications such as burning and numbness of the penile tissues, bruising, swelling, local discomfort & temporary changes in erectile ability.  Fortunately, all of the side effects have resolved on their own once the practice (ie "extenders") was discontinued.   Your symptoms are due to stretching and bruising the sensory nerves of the penis.  These symptoms will totally resolve but whereas most injuries heal in days or weeks, nerve trauma may take several months & sometimes up to a year to totally return to normal  Be patient, stop using the penile extender and you will be fine.  In addition, it is essential to avoid any further significant trauma to the penis during the healing phase.  It is okay to have sexual activity (masturbation and/or intercourse) but no rough sex.  The use of a good quality lubricant (such as the "silk" lubricants) is advised to lessen the chance of further injury.  

Incidentally, the majority of men believe they were "short-changed" regarding penile size.  The average erect penis is 4-6" (10-15 cm.) and indeed this is where the overwhelmingly number of men fall.  My advise is to learn how to use what you were naturally endowed with to the maximum.  There are many excellent books available on how to become a terrific lover almost regardless of penile size.  Good luck.


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