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Urology/NOCTURIA (but urination not problem during day)


Hi, wondering why I can go all day without having to urinate, but as soon as I lie down, within an hour I have to go; then again in the next hour, then perhaps in 2 hours. One time, I got up 8 times! but most of the time, it's within the first 1-3 hours where I have to get up and then I'm OK until the early am. Also, I don't get as much if I'm not woken up by the cat, but when I am, then I have to go. Blood & urine tests just done; everything is normal. One thing that's interesting is that if I take 5mg Ambien, I can go almost an entire night without having to void (whatever that means?) Could it mean that it's about stress? I'm an horrible insomniac. I do admit that I drink caffeine-free herbal teas in the evenings, but I refrain from drinking them at least two hours from HS. Again, the problem is ONLY when supine. Appreciate any thoughts.


The issue could be diabetes, nocturnal polyuria, inappropriate ADH secretion, drug use side effects, etc.  It's too involved to go into here.  Start by looking at the herbal teas and make sure that they are indeed caffeine free.

Next, do a voiding diary where you write down the time and the amount that you void.  If it's clear that you are making more urine overnight per hour than during the day, then the problem is a urine production issue and maybe hormonal.

Talk to your local physician or consult a urologist for additional advice.


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