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QUESTION: Hi Dr. Leslie,

I currently have noticed a small bump on my penis glans that appears to be like a raised "wrinkle" on my penis. I've been struggling to find an answer to what it is. I visited my Physician who at first had a hard time seeing the bump, but after showing him where it was, he told me it was nothing to worry about, as he could not feel it when the skin was stretched and couldn't feel a mass behind it.

While I trust my Physician, I just want to know what this is?

While surfing the internet trying to figure this, I stumbled upon a post that you answered about a year and a half ago, where you said this may be normal penile glans variation.

The two bumps I have, look very similar to the few that this person has on his penis glans, on the right side of the picture towards the bottom of the glans. I have also attached a picture of my penis glans as well. I noticed that the more I poke and prod around the bump, it becomes more noticeable. Also, I noticed that when I masturbate, these bumps are where the bottom left of my head pushes up against the middle of the head, right where the bumps are, not sure if that is the cause or if it is relevant.

Also, the one picture is from a week ago, and one is from today. While the head is in different positions, you can see the same bumps and the picture from today, is right after I put lotion on so it looks shinier.

1.) So do you agree with my Physician? Any reason why or why not?
2.) Do you know what these "bumps" may be?
3.) Anyway I can treat this? I have been trying CeraVe moisturizing lotion. This has helped the bump blend in with the rest of the glans.
4.) Finally, would me stretching the skin looking at the bumps, irritate them further?

Thanks again for your time and effort you put into these forums!


If you saw your physician but want confirmation, you'll need to get a second opinion.  I cannot give you a reliable diagnosis from just a picture on the internet.  Without a clearer diagnosis, its not possible to make any treatment recommendations.  Sorry, but we are not technically allowed to make diagnoses on this internet forum.  However, I will answer one of your questions.  Stretching of the skin to look at the bumps is unlikely to cause any damage if not overdone.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: to be honest, i probably do stretch the area 10 times a day to look, would that be considered overdone?

also, i understand you cant make diagnoses over the internet, but i did have a few more general questions.

1) Would growth in a genital wart be seen overnight? in a few weeks? or in a few months? I know everyone is different, but generally speaking. I first noticed this bump for the first time a month ago and it hasnt changed in size since i first noticed it.

2)Would a genital wart stretch out with the skin? Or would just the skin stretch and the wart be unchanged in size?

Thank you again


A genital wart can change appearance in a day but it usually takes longer.  Your lesion does not appear to be a genital wart but its impossible to be sure from just a photo.  A genital wart would not typically disappear with stretching of the skin.


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