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Urology/Erectile Dysfunction and Libido problems after Varicocele Surgery.


QUESTION: Hello Sir, my question is regarding Post varicocele surgery problems. My age is 23 years, my weight is 62 kg. I had left varicocele surgery in Feb 2009. The surgery was successful. But from surgery till now i have suffered from UTI several times. Currently i am facing these problems:
1. My sex feelings are not generating properly.
2. There are no erections when i think about sex.
3. I get erections while watching porn or apply some liquid material on my penis. The erection is good in standing position but become very weak in sitting position.
4. I did not get that heat during organsm.
5. Even when the sperm comes out, i get the feeling that some sperm is still there. My penis does not relax well after ejaculation.
6. I also want to ask whether the swelling in the vein will eliminate completely  or not.
7. In winter season my scrotum shrinks and penis size is very small.
Hope you will understand my problem and will reply soon Thanks!

ANSWER: Salman:

None of your symptoms are explained by your recent varicocele surgery.  A serum testosterone level might be reasonable due to your decreased sex feelings.  I'm not sure what exactly you mean by "that heat" which is now missing from your orgasms.  Your question about swelling in the vein is unclear and needs to be restated.  If there is persistent venous distension, then its possible that the varicocele surgery was not completely successful and may need to be repeated.  

It is normal for the scrotal tissue to contract in cold weather.

You may need to consult a local urologist to sort out these problems for you.

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QUESTION: Hello Sir, thanks for your reply. By heat i mean my body does not get warm during organsm. And by swelling in vein i mean the vein at the back of my testicle and in the bottom of scrotum. And what is the reason for not getting firm erections in sitting position. Please prescribe some drugs or vitamins that can help. Thanks


The body does not actually "get warm" during an orgasm.  The superficial veins in the skin of the scrotum is not technically a varicocele and usually has no clinical significance.

Not getting firm erections while sitting is a tougher question.  Its thought that it has to do with blood flow that is redirected away from the penis and towards the larger muscles of the back and buttocks to maintain the sitting position.  It may also be some minor kinking of the vessels caused by the different angles in the sitting position.  Either way, there isn't much that can be done about that particular problem.

There are no vitamins or herbal elements that have been shown to work.  Viagra and similar medications can help restore rigid erections, but they can have side effects and can be dangerous if used with the wrong medications.  This is why you should check with a physician first to make sure there is no problem using or trying this option.


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