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Urology/erythema and cuts at meatus


I am a family physician/sports med.  Last Saturday (7 days ago) i woke up from a nap and went to urinate and had pain and burning.  I felt sharp pain.  The next day i examined my penis and saw a small cut at my urethral opening/meatus.  the pain seem to come from there...i had not had sex withy anyone (including my wife) for the past 10-14 days before that.  no change in laundry detergent.

the pain seemed to improve and recurr.. there are no blisters. there are no sores.  

Started cipro bid four days ago.  

the head of the penis (i am circumsized) is erythematous now.

I think your on the right track being preventive with the florquinalone but I must say I am puzzled by the urethral/frenular tear and no physical activity that precipitated it. I would honestly apply bactroban TID in addition to accelerate healing. There is the possibility of rolling over on a nocturnal erection that may have caused a pulling of the tissue and subsequent urethral tear.(Just a speculation) I have had a multitude of men with penile injury and Peyronies disease as a result from nocturnal erections and sleep positioning.  The pain can wake us but some men have no recollection at all and have pain/soreness when awakening in the morning. I appreciate your question and am flattered that an MD has used our forum for assistance! If you have any further questions you may contact me through,  I am listed in the directory and my PH is there also. Have a great day friend.......  


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