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Hi Dr,

I am really hopeful that you can answer my question.

I am a 65 year old who has suffered with varying degrees of impotency for the past twenty odd years, in spite of having a very high libido which seems to increase as I get older! I have fathered four great children who are all over the age of 25 now and had a vasectomy shortly after my last child was conceived. I am retired and living on my own at the moment and trading on the financial markets as an analyst. I also trade my own account and run a Hedge Fund for a small group of friends. I would never admit to being "stressed out" by trading, but I find I have regular bouts of very high  tension which seems to be sexually connected and is only relieved by masturbation, until the next peak of tension comes round, which is usually a week to ten days later.

What is going on here?

Is there any way that I can break this cycle because it is very distressing to me, probably because I am "old school" and have somewhat of a guilt complex about self manipulation. ( please bear in mind I LOVE trading and I am very successful at it, and I don't knowingly get stressed out by my trading activity!)

On the other side of the coin, I am hoping to find someone to share life with me, so I don't want to eliminate my ability and libido to enjoy a satisfactory physical relationship with someone in future!

I suppose in another way, I am asking you as the expert whether masturbation is a bona fide necessary bodily function to deal with bodily processes, (e.g. tension build up) much the same as our renal and bowel equipment deals with our need to expel fluids and solids to stop us getting blocked up? (If you follow my drift of thought..)       

If that's the case, it will relieve the "guilt complex" I have about masturbation, then of course my next question would logically be, how do gain control over the level of sexual tension arising in my life outside of the sexual arena, but remain sexually normal and active when necessary?

Thanks in advance and am really hoping you can shed light on my dilemma...

warm regards,


I cannot explain your bouts of very high tension and stress which only masturbation can relieve.  This sounds more like a mental health issue than a urological or physical one.  I can't help but point out that for someone with a severe or disabling stress disorder, your choice of stock trading as a pastime is probably not helping your stress level.

Masturbation is not a necessity and is not typically considered a treatment for stress or anxiety.  On the other hand, there is no reason for a "guilt complex" about it either.

You may want to consult a mental health professional about your tension and stress issues.


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