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Hello, I am 24 years old.

about 2 weeks I was masturbating with a tighter grip than normal. It began to feel quite uncomfortable so I stopped. Felt fine within a few days.

But I noticed immediately that day that I had bulged my penis a bit! There was a "ring" (and another fainter one under it) around my penis circumference midshaft. It is most prominent on the sides, and not moveable with the skin. It is only noticeable after a strong erection, (usually not during), when the erecticle tissue is inflated but softening. Also I have noticed, if I ice the "ring" it shrinks down to being almost invisible.

There is no pain, and no change in my erect state. Erections feel stronger if anything... I feel like I may be imagining my penis "emptying" differently, but I have pretty strong reason to suspect that this is me just paying extra close attention. My erections are full, strong and as straight as they are normally.

Here is a picture.

Anyways, my questions are... does peyriones look like this? Does it present instantly, and as a visible bulge like this? Would I be experiencing pain? or curvature?

This seems like some sort of change in the tunica... are these sorts of changes always peyriones? I have noticed a few ridgey areas in my tunica since I was a child... is this normal?


Peyronie's may look something like this, but I really can't tell from the picture.  You'll need to check with a local urologist.  Peyronie's does not usually present instantly but it's like a lump that was there before but no noticed until one particular day or event.  It may present with a narrowing or bulge and may or may not immedicately have a curvature.


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