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I am a 58yr. old male.About 4 months ago I started having problems whilst urinating. The stream was weak and at times I "dribbled". I was urinating more frequently than usual although not consuming lots of water. I was getting up at nights an average of three - four times. At times after urinating  I still felt that my bladder needed emptying. I also noticed that my urine was foamy. I visited my doctor who recommended a full blood test. A Bence Jones test came back negative, creatine and albumen levels were within the normal range. Fasting blood sugar was 98. My PSA was 3.6 and increas by 1.6 within 11 months. I visited my urologist who did a digital examination. He said the prostate felt smooth and my PSA (3.6) is slightly enlarged but normal for my age. An ultrasound was done which showed the prostate gland had a volume of 51.99 and a 4mm nodule on the left peripheral area of the prostate.  I questioned this and my urologist said it was aan area where weak echoes was recorded. He said at this time further investigation is not required. For the past 90 days I have been on Proscar. The results as i speak now has improved.  I encouter no pains. My urine flow is strong. I do not ever get up at nights to pee. My stream is constant and I do not dribble.
My only worry now is that at times my urine is still foamy. Thanks for any assistance.



You've seen a urologist, obtained an exam and a diagnosis.  You were given a treatment that apparently is working well.  Occasional foamy urine is not unusual, but if this is persistent it may indicate excessive protein in the urine.  This can be measured in a 24 hour urine collection test.

I am concerned that you've had a significant increase in PSA levels and the ultrasound showed a potentially suspicious nodule.  We would tend to recommend a biopsy in a 58 year old with that history.  You may want to ask your urologist about this or consider a second opinion.


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