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Hello my name is Danielle. I am a 21 year old female and I weigh about 170lbs. I have been getting kidney stones since I was 11 years old. They then diagnosed me with MSK. But I still always have 2-3 stones in each kidney at a time. Recently had laser lithotripsy because of one that was 9mm. How many stones is normal for a person with MSK. I tend to pass a stone every 2 months.

Also I recently had blood work done because of fingers swelling at random, headaches often (almost every night) and dizzy spells. No chance of pregnancy. I was wondering if you oculd help me interpert the results I got.

WBC X 1000/CMM  8.5
RBC          4.67
HGB          13.5
HCT          40.2
MCV          86.1
MCH          28.9
MCHC          33.6
PLATELET        414 H
MPV          9.7
RDW          12.9

Differential, Automated

NEUTRO %        48.9
LYMPH %         37.4
MONO %          9.4
EOS %          3.7
BASO %          0.5
IMM GRAN %      0.1 f
NEUTRO #        4.1
LYMPH #         3.1
MONO #          0.8
EOS #          0.320 H
BASO #          .04
IMM GRAN #      0.01

Chem Lytes

SODIUM          140
POTASSIUM       4.8
CHLORIDE        104
CO2          27.9
ANION GAP       8

Chem Routine

CREATININE      0.67 f
CALCIUM         9.7
BUN          12

Chen Hormones

FREE T4         0.69
TOTAL T3        1.4
TSH          2.741

Thanks in advance for an help you can offer!!!!


The results are all normal but they don't help with your kidney stone issue.  For that, we need some specific blood tests and a 24 hour urine collection that is analyzed specifically for kidney stone prevention.

The blood test would be a uric acid level.

The 24 hour urine test should include volume, sodium, calcium, oxalate, citrate, uric acid, phosphate and magnesium.  

Knowing the composition of your kidney stones would be very helpful.

If you can get this information, I'll be happy to help you interpret it. It happens to be my area of clinical research.  Without these specific laboratories, its not possible to determine your specific chemical risk factors.

If your regular physician won't order htis for you, check with another physician.


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