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I am an RN taking care of a morbidly obese bed bound patient. He has had a foley in now for a couple years. He will at times go through periods where he needs it changed every 10-12 days. The foley  will still be draining, sometimes I notice sediment , very rarely does he have a uti. When I remove the old foley almost every time there is some type of build up near the tip of the foley. It varies in color from blue to brown. It never occluds the opening, Do you think the buid up is related to his diet or medications? Is there something that I could suggest to him to help? He is currently in the phase of needing it changed every couple of weeks.



A morbidly obese bed bound patient with a permanent Foley probably should at least consider having a suprapubic tube.  This would tend to be easier to change and would prevent penile erosions.

The build up in foley catheters is usually calcium phosphate.  This material can be dissolved using a mild acid solution such as 1/4% acetic acid.  You can also try switching to 100% silicone which tends to resist such encrustations.  Spasms can be treated with oral OAB type medications.

Usually, a physician or urologist has been in charge of the patient's care to some degree and you should be getting your directions from them.


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