QUESTION: mr leslie with masturbating I notice that the right side of the penis skin less sense than the lower and left side of my penis (by me damaged or pinched ilioinguinalis nerve) how serious this must be seen in the sexual life according to a urologist?'m 2 weeks ago by a neurologist who said that mogenlijk a scar in my pelvic muscles are and thereby ilioinguinalis bad influence nerve, a nerve muscle scars bad influence? like your opinion about these questions of mine

ANSWER: Abdulhamit:

Some decrease in sensation in the penis from one side to the other is not normally considered a significant or serious problem as far as sexual function is concerned as long as erection function is good and orgasm/climax is unaffected.  

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QUESTION: thank you mr leslie, on google is that hypograstric nerve to the penis goes, is that true? greetings

ANSWER: Abdulhamit:

I believe that Google is incorrect.  The primary innervation of the sensorium of the penis comes from the penile dorsal nerve which is a branch of the pudendal; not the hypogastric, nerve.

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QUESTION: ok mr leslie thanks for all the help so far, and the sexual feelings in the scrotum which nerves are they?


There are no "sexual feelings in the scrotum" nerves.   However, the sensory nerves to the scrotum are the genital branches of the genitofemoral nerve.

One point.  I'm here to answer general clinical questions, not give anatomical dissertations.  You obviously have Internet capability and can look up the answers to most of these anatomical questions as easily as anyone.  So please try to check with other reliable sources before posting more anatomical questions on this forum which is intended for clinical issues.


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