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Urology/Partial loss of erection from using a Penis Extender around 8 months back


QUESTION: Respected Doctor,

I am single and 31 years of age. I'm writing this with a great deal of frustration and anxiety.

Around 8 months back (April 1st week), I used a Penis extender only for about 2 - 3 minutes. Believe I tightened it a bit hard around my penis (not elongate / stretch it); ever since, I'm feeling a slight pain at random times during the day (like that of a minor bruise) just below the corona along the area where I applied the extender.

I've been having weaker morning erections ever since and also lost erections attained just from touches /  sexual thoughts. I am able to attain proper hard erections like before only by masturbating / watch sexually explicit materials, which again is not lasting long enough as it was before.

My Penis looks just as normal as it was before and there has been no disturbance / pain to urinary function and no kinds of discharge / blood noticed. I've not had sex ever since; though I end up masturbating atleast once in 2 weeks - mostly out of anxiety to ensure the erection is still attainable.

Initially I thought this would have been a sensory nerve issue and might be healing by itself but I don't see that happening, though the pain is getting less evident. I am planning to see a good Urologist very soon but I have the following questions here:

(1). Looking at the above details, do you think this would be an issue with sensory nerves or motor nerves of the Penis?

(2). Specifically since I'm still able to attain full erection (though only by the means explained); do you think this would be a permanent damage or a temporary one which can be healed with proper medication?

(3). Is there proven and effective pills / medicines available which would help in healing such internal injuries / revive the damaged nerves and facilitate cell growth? If yes, any time period within which we should expect to see results?

(4). Though the pain is only slight, if not attended in time; could it lead to cell deaths making such revival of nerves impossible? If yes, what would be a normal time period by which this may happen - more than a year or so? I believed this might heal by itself in a few months time (I had also read posts here about minor internal injuries able to be healed by itself within an year or so).

I humbly request you to please go though the above details and kindly answer these questions. I'm getting restless and anxious by the day due to this and is getting IInd thoughts about any healthy sexual relationships in future.

Thank you for your advices and help here.

James Robert.

ANSWER: James, I believe that your problem is due to a minor injury to the penis and sensory nerves due to the penile expander but your symptoms no doubt are greatly heightened by anxiety.  There is no motor damage to the penis.  You have not done any permanent damage to the penis and I have absolutely no doubt that you will be 100% normal.  In my experience, it may take up yo a year or so for complete healing to occur. There is no medication to hasten this process - just "tincture of time".  From such a minor insult that your penis endured, there is no concern about cell death.  I think it is reasonable to see a urologist in consultation although I am sure he will reassure you that all is well and your prognosis is excellent.  If you are still having symptoms and concerns, you might want to discuss with him a short term course of medication for your anxiety.  Good luck and have a wonder Christmas holiday!

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Thank you for those very encouraging words.

May I confirm the reason why there wouldn't have been a permanent damage is because I'm still able to attain full erection (atleast through the means mentioned) ?

Alternately, Would it have been possible if there were any Motor Nerves damages (temporary / permanent) inflicted  at all? Please kindly confirm.

Also, is it true that Vitamin E can help heal such wounds faster? I know Water melon and pomegranate are rich in these VItamins.

A few contacts are also advising doing Kegel exercises to help increase the blood circulation to the affected areas. Bt would this anyway help in healing the injury?

Many Thanks for your continued assistance and thank you for your wishes. Wishing you a great Christmas and a very happy New Year in store for you!

Best Regards,
James Robert.

ANSWER: James, I don't believe you can have permanent injury from the minor trauma of using a penile extender for 2-3 minutes.  The sensory and motor nerve supply to the penis is very complex as it is served by the autonomic nervous system.  This consists of sympathetic and parasympathetic fibers.  The latter arise from the sacral spinal cord segments S 2-4 which coalesce in the pelvis as the "nervi erigentes".  In the pelvis, a plexus of nerve fibers is formed which pass through several ganglier connections and then on to the penis and other pelvic organs.  Some of these nerve fibers innervate the corpora cavernosa allowing for increased blood flow (and hence erection) with stimulation.  Almost all injuries to these "motor nerves" occur from severe pelvic injury and most of from major pelvic surgery.  I am unaware of significant damage to these being reported from the type of trauma you mention.  

Vitamin E had been touted as helping a variety of medical problems including hastening wound healing.  I do not believe any of these reports have been substantiated medically.

Kegel exercise are done to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis.  The are most commonly used to treat urinary incontinence in men and women in an attempt to improve their urinary control.  I know of no reputable medical data supporting  claims that these exercises can improve either erectile quality or premature ejaculation.  However, I have no personal experience in using Kegel exercises for this purpose. However, there are a number of anecdotal reports on the internet claiming that Kegel exercises can increase blood flow to the pelvic organs (including the penis).  These exercises actually work on the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle of the pelvis to make it stronger.  Theoretically, this might allow for improved quality of erections.  

That being said, there is little harm in doing Kegel exercises.  If you imagine that you are urinating and trying to stop the stream by contracting your pelvic muscles, you are exercising the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle.  You do not have to do this when urinating but some prefer to exercise the muscle by stopping & starting their urinary stream.  The same effect can be accomplished by tightening your anal muscles.  You should contract the muscle for 1-2 seconds and then relax for 10-15 seconds.  One set should consist of 10 contractions and relaxations.  One should do 4-5 sets (ie 40-50 contractions) daily.  It usually takes 4-6 weeks before any benefit might be noted., Kegel exercises are not harmful and there is no downside to doing them.  Good luck.

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Many Thanks for your detailed comments and sorry for the delay with this reply as I have been away on vacation.

As updated earlier, I had also met a private Urologist here in London in the meantime. He had a look at my case, examined my Penis and said there is no cause of worry and he don't see any external injury whatsoever.

He also prescribed Cialis 5mg. for a month (when confirmed about loss of libido) which I am taking regularly as prescribed. I am attaining strong morning erections since then and regular random erections without much of a stimulii. He had also asked to meet after a month.

I am obviously happy here but these erections are also often followed by internal pain around exactly the same area / line where I had accidentally tightened the extender (as described earlier). It feels exactly like any bruise / minor cut caused in our arms or legs.

Hence, regardless of the temporary effects of cialis, I honestly feel there has been some kind of internal bruise  inflicted around this area - which is obviously invisible to the naked eye.

--> So is there any kind of scan / test which I can undergo to help the doctor detect this internal bruise and advise any remedies?

--> Also, I know for healing such internal injuries, abstinence from any sexual activity / masturbation are usually advised atleast for a few months - so that frequent disturbances to the healing area from erections can be minimised? If yes, by using Cialis and attaining regular erections, ain't I negating this healing process?

Thanks for your honest replies as always, Doctor. It is of great support and helps in clarifying things to me logically. much appreciated!

Kind Regards,
James Robert.

James, this is the 3rd question you have submitted on this subject which is the maximum I can take in fairness to others who might ant to consult with me.  However, I will answer your questions.

One can do various types of imaging studies of the penis but I doubt that any useful clinical information will be forthcoming.  Such tests would include a penile doppler ultrasound, MRI and cavernosogram.  I would not suggest the latter as it is an invasive procedure whereas the first 2 are not.

Usually by 6 weeks after penile trauma, one can resume sexual activity (masturbation and/or intercourse) but you should try to avoid any activity that is too aggressive.  The use of a good quality sexual lubricant (such as one of the "silk" lubricants) help in this matter.  It is fine to use Cialis but I would suggest it be used on an "as needed" basis rather than daily at this point in time.  It use will not delay healing.

Keep the faith!  All will eventually be back to normal.


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