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Urology/Possible penis ballooning damage-- E.D. symptoms


Hello. Thank you for your time in considering and examining my questions and experience. This is somthing I have been very embarrassed about, and i didn't know exactly what to do. For about 2 weeks, in early July, i had become self conscious about my penis size, and to my embarrassment, i experimented with penis ballooning/stretching. At the end of about a two week period of doing it about once a day i noticed red dots on my penis, and it seemed some what a little puffy. I came to my senses and realised what i was doing was very unwhise, and could possibly hurt me. I wasnt too worried about it at first because through the process there was really no pain, just a dull feeling. Though in the following days i realised that I didnt feel like myself. I didnt feel aroused when i saw women as i normally would, and even if i tryed, i couldnt get a full erection just by fantisiing as i normally would. If i focused i could only manage a partial erection. My religion prohibits me from looking at porn or masturbating. None the less i tryed masturbating, and even then i couldnt get a full erection while doing it. I tryed looking at women in near nude settings-- such as sports illustrated bathing suit models, as it normally would arouse and give me an erection, i felt almost nothing. I started reading online about other experiences other men had, and was some comforted in that the time i spent practicing stretching/ballooning didnt compare to what some men had done or expeienced.
So i waited 2 months-- but the symptoms persisted. I finally got the courage to go and see a urologist. As well i thought it would be good because i was having problems with frequent urination and urgency. He did his tests-- bladder scan, urine exam, checked my penis, and examined my prostate. My urine came out fine, he said he did not see any damage to my penis (as the subtle "puffyness" and "red dotts" had healed). He also had my Testosterone lvl checked: it came out to .598. He said that my T lvls were in the normal area, and that it probably wasnt the problem-- (though i told him in a physical i had a year and a half prior i had it tested as part of the blood work out of curiosity, and it came out to .772) He didnt seem concerned about the difference between tests as his test was done at 1pm, and the prior at 8am. His only concern throughout the tests was that he noticed my prostate texture was off; he said it felt overly spongy. He said I most likely had been experiencing a minor case of prostatitis, and that i needed to ejaculate several times a week. It seemed strange to me because i havent masturbated much my whole life, and i never had symptoms of E.D., low lobido, or most of the things i was experiencing.
Some one then told me to get a second opinion. I subsequently when to a doctor with the same religious views. He did a few of the same tests-- checked my prostate and etc.. As well, he found that the texture of my prostate seemed overly spongy. He said that as well i may have had a slight prostatitis problem, and some how developed over active bladder issues. He gave me a list of things to do to help with frequency of urination, exercises and etc, and then said the symptoms would get better over time.
That last visit to the doctor was in september, and it has now been 6 months since this all started. I dont have as much difficulty with frequency urination-- somtimes i feel it, but i may just be drinking less water. I have only recently been able to have a "near" full erection about twice. I somtimes have partial night erections, but they are no where near normal. I still feel like i have less lobido than when i was 12 years old. I have tryed looking at semi nude pictures, but i barely feel anything most of the time. It seems barely-noticeably better then when it all started. Through out most of my life i felt like i had very high lobido even from the age of 12; i almost had to force myself not to think of sex before this all started. Now some times it seems like i have barely any desire. I have had anxiety periodically through my life, but it has never effected my sexual desires no matter what. If anything sexual thought was a way for me to get my mind off things.
I dont know exactly what to do. Do i go get a third opinion from a doctor? If i caused any damage to my penis-- will it just take more time to heal? I have been feeling weak and low on energy, as well, i have noticed some hair loss contrary to trends in my family-- do i have a hormone imbalance? Is this all psychological? At this point i have just been trying to keep it off my mind, but i just dont feel like myself.
Again, i am very thankful for your time, and i will appreciate any advice you can give me.


First, your use of the penis ballooning machine may have caused some superficial changes but no lasting damage.  Your loss of sexual interest is more likely psychological and anxiety related rather than physical since your hormone levels are normal. Your urologist is correct in stating that male hormone levels can vary significantly during the day and are highest in the early morning. Even so, your levels are well inside the normal range so testosterone levels are not the cause of your sexual interest problem.  

Two urologists have identified you as having some mild prostatitis which can cause some erection problems.  I don't see why you think you need a third opinion.

From the data presented, you do not have a hormone problem at least not with testosterone.  

And even if you damaged the penis severely, which you didn't, it would not cause the loss of sexual interest you have experienced.

I hope this helps you a little.


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