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Urology/problem with scab over meatus


Last week I had a circumcision done. and the top layer or 2 of skin on my Glans/Meatus was rubbed off just from my clothing. and now i have scab that is covering the entire area.The main problem i'm having is that its sealing the opening to the urethra when I try to urinate but it doesnt void unless I re open the scab which is fairly painful still.

Tanner, you must have had a fairly significant inflammation inside of the foreskin for this to happen.  This process generally lasts for 2-3 weeks.  To make it easier to remove the scab over the meatus, I suggest that you use vaseline jelly on the area after voiding.  Because of the inflammation in the meatal area, you may develop some narrowing of the meatus (meatal stenosis) after healing is completed.  Symptoms would be decrease caliber, size and force of the urinary stream.  If this occurs, you will need to have the meatus enlarged by a minor office procedure called "meatotomy".  Good luck.


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