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Hello again Doctor!  Am dealing with my lasix effect, and trying not to wait until I'm "fit to burst" like you advised.  Once in a while I DO end up waiting until the last minute.  When I have rushed into the Men's Room I have occasionally lost control as I unlimber and point my penis.  Does the act of raising and pointing my penis affect my sphincter as a sort of stimulus to let go, or it is just psychological because relief is so close at hand pun not intended, but pretty good)?  Can I please ask an unrelated question:  Is there a correlation between the size of a man's hands and the size of his penis??  I heard someone say there was but I didn't think it was valid.  Thanks, it will be really good to hear from you.  Thanks again for liberating me from locker room syndrome, by the way.

Ken, what you are describing if you wait too long is called urgency incontinence.  It is very common as one gets older.  It can be due to an enlarged prostate (BPH) or lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) due to aging affecting the nerves and muscles of the GU tract.  It is helped by timed voiding, medications in the class called anticholinergics (such s Ditropan, Detrol, etc. - provided there is no significant underlying BPH - otherwise they may precipitate urinary retention) or by having the prostate treated by any one of a number of methods, both medicinal and surgical.  

As far as the relationship between penile and hand or foot size is concerned, most studies show that there is none.  Recently, a study from South Korea did note a relationship between the ratio of the index finger to the ring finger and penile length.  Below is a reference to this study.  Have a pleasant holiday.


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