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Hy i had this problem of feeling an urge to urinate frequently , that usualy happened after i masturbated .i mean if i dont masturbate for say a week the frequency relatively declines but when i masturbate the frequency increases specially on that night where i have to go to washroom multiple times , another problem was when i use to set myself up for masturbation (i usually give myself time before i ejaculate) i usually found an urge to urinate multiple times before ejaculation (in b/w masturbation) and frequent visits to washroom causes the erection to loose as a result less satisfaction from masturbation. Plus i often have/had these sticky drops coming out during bowel movement/stool/feces and after that i had this burning feeling in my penis and left side of testicle and to relive that had to visit bathroom very frequently

I visited a urologist  4 days ago ,he recommended me to go through ultrasound and after the results he found out that my kidney and bladder were in normal condition ;mean nothing wrong with them .

After ultra-sound against my prostrate size i have readings of 27.8, 38.8 and 29.4 mm (is this normal size or not)

my worry is that may be its not the BPH rather than some kind of inflammation as i am just 23 male

Urologist prescribed me "Tamsulosin HCL 0.4mg" 1 capsule once a day after dinner but along with that he prescribed another tablet " anxinil 0.5mg" half tablet before sleeping .

couple of days back i found out that "anxinil 0.5mg" tablets are used for depression and sleep so i was baffled why he prescribed me that. I have taken two doses as of today i.e one on wednesday and one on thursday

Tamsulosin (flomax) had a very bad impact on my erection along with that when i masturbated last night i felt a little pain on my left side of testicle during the point of ejaculation and only few drops of water came out during ejaculation that made me worry

Also i came to know while surfing through internet that "Tamsulosin HCL" are not a cure to reduce the size of prostrate, so does that mean i will be permanently taking these tablets and when i will leave them i will suffer again from same problem i.e frequent urination

And one more thing i sometime have this burning feeling or feeling like something is creeping inside my penis

Kindly plz do reply

Note: i don't smoke or drink . And i never had any blood or related thing coming out via urine or sperm... Usually urine color is white and sometimes yellowish


I would not have started a 23 year old on tamsulosin when there is no evidence of any blockage or failure to empty the bladder.  You could have prostatitis or just overactivity and the tamsulosin will help neither.

The fluid from the penis after a bowel movement is just prostatic secretions squeezed out by the stool on the way out.  Its harmless and normal.

Your prostate size appears roughly normal.

I do not understand why your physician ordered the anxinil.  It has no urological applications.

Your persistent penile discomfort could be from prostatitis.

I would suggest you see another urologist for a second opinion.


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